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dragoncommands, CreeperMagnet_, ChromaKey, Ragnorakkr_, Ellivers, TheNuclearNexus, Jachro
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Depends on a Resource Pack
The Creeper's Code is a minecraft datapack that intends to add features that mesh seamlessly with the existing 'vanilla' minecraft content.

It adds anything from acorns, all the way to witch hats!

To install:

  1. Download the above file
  2. Place “TCC” in world/datapacks/…
  3. Place “TCC” in minecraft/resourcepacks/…
  4. Use the resource pack you just installed.
  5. Execute /reload in-game, and you’re done!
This version of TCC is made to work in Minecraft Snapshot 21w13a. Do not attempt to use it in any other version or with any other datapack*.

If you want to use this in 1.16.5, instead of 1.17 snapshots, then please download the V0.4 version at this link.

An important note for using this pack on a server: You MUST change the "enable-command-block" line in your file to "true", otherwise major parts of this datapack will not work.

Uninstall steps can be found at

* Unless said datapack is certified by the Minecraft Datapacks Discord. Resource packs may still experience errors.
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Latest updates

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  3. V0.5 Beta 2

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Latest reviews

Legend has it that this datapack is what made god abandon humanity. That isn't true, because god made this datapack.
10/10. All features work well and mesh amazingly into vanilla. Would highly reccomend.
Very well made and polished datapack, probably the best one I have played. The features add a lot yet fit right in with vanilla Minecraft, I would highly recommend it.