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Welcome to Survivor's Elegy, an extensive datapack designed to add cohesiveness and interesting features to the game!


Some of the features added are the following:

Game Mechanics

Overworld creatures staying in the nether for a long time will be affected the wither effect every ~1 minute! The withering can be mitigated by by staying on other dimensions, which will gradually cure withered entities, or by eating warped wart food, which will extend the time of invulnerability. But beware! Eating too much of said food is not good, and you'll start experimenting side effects if consumed recklessly.

Creatures can be infected with the Phage effect, which will turn them into zombified versions of said creature or die if there's no zombified equivalent. Players can be affected by this too, so watch out if you're playing on multiplayer.

Considering Zombified creatures as well-functioning organisms isn't exactly correct, hence why with this datapack they'll rot until they're just a sack of bones. By extension, this also adds new skeleton variants: Piglin Skeletons and Illager Skeletons!

Updated Swamp Hut

Swamp Huts have been boring since they were added. This pack changes them so it's a full-fledged house with multiple enemies and a vast amount of loot and information!

New Nether Biomes:

Withered Grounds
Dark desolated biome with vast amounts of undead withered corpses. Be prepared if you plan on adventuring here, the wither is watching closely!
Metamorphic Caves
Why do blazes only spawn on nether fortresses? In this datapack blazes expand out of their traps and to this extra hot biome, where fire springs are common and lava rivers flood the ground.


Illagers now equip torches on their offhand if they're on dark places.
Endermen can spawn holding a wide range of blocks from all dimensions.
Breeding Pigs now gives birth to 1-4 piglets.
Zombies, Drowneds, Husks, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, Piglins and Zombified Piglins now spawn with new equipment.
Wandering Trader Llamas can now spawn already chested and with different carpets.
Players, Piglins, Hoglins and Zoglins now drop their heads if killed by a charged creeper.


Enchanter's Guide
: This special book now replaces the regular book on the Enchanting Table recipe, making enchanted gear a more difficult feature to access.
Copper Tridents: Tridents can now be crafted by upgrading a lightning rod. When a trident breaks it will revert back to being a lightning rod but keeping all its traits, which means you can upgrade it again and get the same trident back!
Battle Staff: With 7 dps, this is an early game weapon that'll require some skill to use properly. It comes with a bamboo variant as well!
Outpost Compass: Dropped by pillager patrol leaders on duty, they point to the nearest pillager outpost.

And way more!
A wiki is currently on the works [
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