➤ Updated to 1.19 and now using new commands
➤ Huge back-end rework (code, namespace, syntaxes, files organisation)
➤ Now using a bunch of libraries

Added :
➤ Custom Mobs models for Stardust dimension mobs and Stardust Pillar (Planning to add more for all the other mobs and animations)
➤ Added the growth accelerator machine [function tag for devs: stardust:growth_accelerator]
➤ Life Crystal and its craft, allowing you to increase your max health with a limit of 10 hearts.
➤ Custom sound for Stardust Pillar (Currently troll sounds, will be changed in V3.5)
➤ Two underground structures (Cave base & Abandonned cave house)
➤ Support for snipers to hit players using Smithed Damage Library
➤ Added ingots and blocks for elementary fragments

Removed :
➤ Ultimate Forge because only 4 crafts were remaining (crafts are now on Awakened Forge)
➤ Enchantment unbreaking on all tools
➤ Enchantments on all armors added
➤ A lie

Game balancing / Game design :
➤ Removed the craft of the Ultimate Equipments, offering you to choose between the 3 paths and not having "the greatest equipment" that everyone have in end-game. Choose you style, choose your path.
➤ Advancements have been reworked, now we have more than 100 advancements.
New players can follow them to progress in the datapack
➤ Snipers and Bows damage have been reduced a lot
➤ Reduced equipment damages and armor
➤ Cavern dimension has been reworked

Fixes / Optimisations / Other Changes :
➤ Snipers now can't kill invulnerable entities
➤ The quarry just got a huge optimisations (Small anecdote: server was running well with a quarry that mines 5000 blocks per second, before only 500 b/s could crash the server)
➤ The quarry now launch a signal for other datapack to add support of breaking their custom block (function tag stardust:quarry_mined)
➤ Cobblestone miners system is now a lot more efficient (I was still in my V2 system ;-;)
➤ Renamed Legendary to Legendarium, Solar to Solarium, Dark to Darkium
➤ Custom Blocks destroying system is now a lot more efficient
➤ Updated Stardust Manual with more readable categories
➤ Custom Ores now generates in "hardcoded" dimensions
➤ Playsounds can no longer stack up (to avoid ear raping)
➤ Fixed a duplication glitch with seeds
➤ Global fixes
➤ Global Optimisations
➤ Fixed a missing at @s breaking the whole Datapack
➤ Fixed Solar Panels producing same energy amount without light
➤ Updated Datapack version for 1.18.2 compatibility
➤ Updated Custom Structure System for 1.18.2
➤ Fixed a small mistake in the Resource Pack
➤ Updated Dimensions for 1.18.2
➤ Updated Items Lore
➤ Fixed a connectivity issue in a better & secure way
➤ Fixed a visual issue in Stardust Crafting Table when opening it for the first time (first tick)
➤ Little Lore fix for cables (Transfert -> Transfer)
➤ Updated the first join system with advancement
➤ No more natural structures in the Ultimate Dimension
➤ No more natural structures in the Stardust Dungeon
➤ Applied Smithed Conventions
➤ Fixed CTC from a few items
➤ Total rework of Tools & Armor with an unique Custom Durability System that simulate an Unbreaking Enchantment. (Still compatible with the real enchantment)
➤ Added missing Loot Tables for mobs & for give /loot give @s loot stardust:i/...
➤ Small Optimisations