Slimefun Resources [FINAL]

Slimefun Resources [FINAL] 3.0 (1.15.2)

Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for an update for the latest version. But I am, and have been for many months uninterested in working on this pack.
* Updated Slimefun and Slimefun Addon textures
+ Added Textures for Chest Terminal, Dyed Backpacks, Litexpansion, Ore Chunks, and Slimy Tree Taps.
* Fixed pack.mcmeta saying v2.11 even though it's v2.2
+1.13 version is now both 1.13 and 1.14!
* Minor Texture Change
+ Now updated to 1.13! Don't worry about 1.12, it's still going to have updates.
+ Added the rest of the Exotic Garden Slimefun Addon Textures
+ Added the rest of the Slimefun Programmable Android Script Textures
* Minor changes to a few textures
+ Added Barrels Textures
+ Added Christmas & Valentines Rainbow Block Animations
+ Added Exotic Garden Textures (Only Plants)
+ Added Extra Gear Textures
+ Added Lucky Blocks Textures
+ Added Soul Jars Textures (Only Jars)
+ Added SlimeXpansion Textures
+ Added Zelda Hearts Textures
* Minor Textures Changes