➤ Added a wrench, to instant break cables and rotates machines [function tag for devs: simplenergy:wrench_rotate]
➤ Custom Ores system is now a lot more efficient [function tag for devs: simplenergy:destroy_check]
➤ Unattached my Furnace NBT Recipes system to public library
➤ Simplunium Ores now generates only in minecraft:eek:verworld
➤ Updated working machines sounds for better experience
➤ Playsounds can no longer stack up (to avoid ear raping)
➤ Solar panel generating system is now a lot more efficient
➤ Energy balancing system is now a lot more efficient
➤ Used libraries have been updated
➤ Made the code more readable
➤ Updated advancements tab
➤ Global optimisations
➤ Now using Smithed Custom Block Placement & Smithed Crafting Table
➤ Updated all syntaxes and all items NBT, which means that you can't use items from previous versions. But that also means more readable code similar syntaxes of other data packs
➤ New modern ore generation system, ores are now almost always adjacent to the air block, which means that it makes them much easier to find and allow to consequently reduces their number which means less lags
➤ New modern furnace custom recipes with NBT, easy to use as a dependency
➤ Updated the custom durability system and created an embedded library for this system (<Durability Multiplier Library (Custom Durability) Minecraft Data Pack>). This system now works with a precision of 3 digits and all items that have a durability (including modded items)
➤ Solar panel block placement no longer requires an entire block space
➤ Added a recipe for SimplEnergy manual
➤ Added Deepslate Simplunium Ore
➤ Added Raw Simplunium Block
➤ Added Simplunium Nugget
➤ Simplunium Armor & Tools can now be melted with a Simplunium Nugget on output
➤ Now using CTC convention for custom crafts & smelting
➤ Added 3 advancements
➤ Playsounds of a machine can no longer stack up, which means if you have 100 electric furnaces running at the same time near you, you will only hear one (randomly), preventing ear rape.
➤ Impressive optimisations
➤ Fixed a missing at @s breaking the whole Datapack
➤ Updated Datapack version for 1.18.2 compatibility
➤ Fixed a small mistake in the Resource Pack
➤ Updated Items Lore
➤ Fixed a connectivity issue in a better & secure way
➤ No more missing objectives remove in uninstall function
➤ Little Lore fix for cables (Transfert -> Transfer)
➤ Updated the first join system with advancement
➤ Applied Smithed Conventions
➤ Adding Simplunium Tools & Armor with an unique Custom Durability System that simulate an Unbreaking Enchantment. (Still compatible with the real enchantment)
➤ Added Wiki link in the manual
➤ Added Simplunium Equipments in Manual
➤ Reduced Cauldron Generator production from 20 kW to 5 kW
➤ Small Optimisations