Shamanism: Rebirth

Shamanism: Rebirth v1.3.1

I barely knew anything when I first made this page, so I had terrible formatting and didn't even know how to upload my actual file to the site. I've been updating this pack on PMC for a while and I've finally decided to bring it here again. Having said that, this is a huge backlog of updates, coming from the worst possible version of Shamanism to something unrecognizable.

And now the changelog.

- Mobs can now have Spirit Fragments collected from them more than once, they just need one in game day to recharge!
- Spirit Fragments are no longer items! they are scoreboard values(reduced item bloat!)
- Staffs no longer use raycasting, projectiles now have travel time!
- Totems no longer stack
- Staffs are no longer crafted using spirit bottles
- Shaman armor now only takes 1 wolf pelt per piece, but each piece uses the appropriate piece of leather armor
- Spirit Herbs now also drop from ferns!
- Crafting Recipes for the Release and Purity charms have been adjusted!
- Increased range on the Dreamcatcher to make collecting human spirit fragments from villagers easier!
- Raging Spirit boss fights have been massively improved! Be careful, they are more dangerous now.
- Raging Nether Spirit can only be summoned in the Nether
- Raging End Spirit can only be summoned in the End
- Ritual materials have been adjusted
- Recipes have been adjusted
- Much more Optimization
- New naming style used to reduce length of item names
- Adjusted loot tables
- Verdant and Fungal ground rituals now change nearby dirt instead of giving blocks

Removed Features:
- (Temporary) Spirit Slasher has been removed
- (Temporary) Wool to string recipe has been removed
- (Temporary) Primal Bow has been removed
- (Temporary) Primal Spear has been removed
- (Temporary) Spirit Chain has been removed
- (Temporary) Ritual of Sun has been removed
- (Temporary) Ritual of Moon has been removed
- (Temporary) Advancements have been removed
- (Temporary?)Spirit Dive Charm has been removed
- Blacksmith Ritual has been removed
- Master Shaman Armor set has been removed
- Tribute mechanic has been removed

Added Features:
- Guidebook named "Shamanic Texts" has replaced the advancement guide!
- New charms drop from the raging spirit bosses(Play to find out!)!
- Companion Charm
- Volley Charm
- Venom Charm
- Flame Charm
- Warp Charm
- Grace System: You can increase or reduce your Grace level while playing, it has a maximum of 3 and a minimum of -3, you gain or lose Favor per second based on your Grace level! Find out what is good or evil!
- Imbued Armor Set: Higher armor than Shaman armor, gives bonuses for a long-range playstyle!
- Armor of the Hunt: Higher armor than Shaman Armor, gives bonuses for a close-range playstyle!
- New blocks! Primal Crafting Table and Spirit Altar.
- A new guidebook called the Malefic Texts....
- Twisted Items gained by going down the route of evil...

- Favor rapidly drains at random while swapping totems(fixed)
- If many mobs are extremely close together you may only be able to collect 1 spirit fragment from the group(side-effect of preventing an infinite spirit fragment exploit)
- Grass has a chance to drop seeds when sheared(fixed)
-Accidental usage of @a selectors where @s would suffice (fixed)
-Incorrect nbt data on some items (fixed)

-Adjusted ctc trait values to be in line with proper convention syntax
-Fixed the mix-up between ignore.gui and ignore.kill
-Fixed absent instances of ignore.kill
-Removed unnecessary instances of ignore.gui
-Added an Uninstallation function that can be run with the following command: /run function sipilus:shamanism/uninstall Warning: This will remove all functionality of the datapack.
Fixed issues with dreamcatchers and staves not working in caves or under water
Shaman hoods now allow collection of animal spirit fragments