Seasons 2.0

A little change log of things that needed tweaking:
  • Death support was added. Dying and respawning resets your temperature to 20°C and your wetness to 0%.
  • You start a new world at 20°C instead of 0°C. This should also apply to newly joining players on servers.
  • The Winter Strays and Summer Husks can now spawn with armor, whereas previously they could only spawn with hand items.
  • The marker used for the custom block updates (snow layering, flower blooming and disappearing, grass smoldering...) is now an area effect cloud instead of an armor stand (slight help for performance).
  • Snow can no longer layer on top of seagrass and kelp, as well as the three types of ice, and a ton of other blocks.
  • The marker range has been increased from 30 blocks around the player to 64.
  • Blizzard was added, where more snow falls and snow can start pilling up and has the same effect as rain.
  • Snow now appears in a cross pattern, just to make it accumulate faster. Pilling up can only be done on one block though.