Seasons 2.1

This update makes the datapack compatible with 1.17 and its subversions. It does not allow its use with the 1.18 datapacks, as the new biomes cause issues.
  • Fixed snow in Winter
  • Fixed death Strays, death Husks, and item dropping function files due to new item command
  • Fixed bug where the objective for running wasn't reset
Here's a list of the new features added in addition:
  • Made cauldrons non-layerable (snow won't appear on top of them)
  • Made empty cauldrons fill with snow in Winter (very low chance)
  • Made powder snow cauldrons and powder snow lower your temperature quickly when inside of them
  • Made being on fire cause you to warm up and dry very quickly
  • Changed weather markers to Marker entities (slight performance boost)
  • Candles work like torches temperature-wise while lit
I do have plans for the 1.18, but I also have less time and interest in Minecraft recently. Sorry for the long wait since the release of 1.17. Enjoy the changes
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I know, I'm late. I dropped off Minecraft for quite a long time and I had to regain my interest in the game before going back into this old project.


  • Added biome support for the new Nether:
    • All biomes are dry except the Warped Forest which is lush
    • All biomes are hot except the Warped Forest and Soul Sand Valley which are temperate
    • The Nether doesn't have a naturally more potent increase in temperature anymore
  • Soul fire and soul fire-based items are now endothermic, at the same rate as their counterparts
  • Added all the End biomes to the cold biomes
  • Added the option to disable death husks and strays
  • Lanterns now act like torches temperature-wise. Soul Lanterns do the same as soul torches
  • Made the death Husks and Strays persistent (they won't despawn) and have 100% Hand and Armor drop chances
  • Removed the period at the end of both custom death messages
This update will allow the datapack to run correctly on the latest 1.16 snapshot, as well as fix a few bugs that were still present
  • Fixed crafting grid being cleared
  • Fixed snow particles coming through the roof
  • Fixed biome recognition with changes to the Nether biomes
  • Fixed temperature
  • Fixed wetness being applied to all players
  • Fixed Spring weather
  • Reduced flower blooming rate and thunder frequency during Summer
Do note that no compatibility has yet been implemented for the new Nether biomes, as I didn't decide what I wanted to do with them exacty, and so bugs may occur.
I'm going back to this project with the 1.16 approaching. I plan to add new interactions with the different biomes that'll be added. For now however, this update will focus on tying loose ends. Again, thank you all for the really great feedback and overall response to this pack ^^

As said, this update will add some conventions for better compatibility:
  • Changed all the objectives for compatibility. The previous scores of temperature and wetness, as well as all other important variables will be transferred over.
  • Added global.ignore tag to weather markers.
New features were also added:
  • Added calendars, that tell you how many days are left until the next season when placed in an item frame. Crafted like a map, with a clock instead of a compass.
  • Added thermometers, that tell you precisely what temperature you're at. Crafted with 3 iron ingots, 1 gold ingots and 1 redstone dust like a compass, with the gold at the bottom.
  • Added Advanced Options:
    • They have a warning message since they affect core mechanics of the datapack and by doing so trump my original intention.
    • They allow you to enable and disable the different functionnalities of the pack:
      • Temperature (the entire feature and ambient heat in the Overworld, the Nether or the End)
      • Wetness
      • Weather effects
      • Events individually
      • Particles
    • If you do not see any changes, scroll down the chat.
A few fixes and tweaks were made:
  • Fixed Temperature UI for multiplayer.
  • Removed Heatwaves' smoke when you're on the ocean.
  • Added click sound to options.
  • Made rain less frequent in Autumn.
  • Options will now automatically close (and the daylight cycle will be enabled) after 5 minutes, in case you forgot to click [Done]
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A very small update, done quickly after some feedback from lattitude:
  • Temperature and wetness don't affect the player anymore outside of Survival and Adventure game modes. As well, the UI does not show up for those players.
  • Added an option to enable chat warnings for events and seasons' changes (defaults to false). Reminder: to access the option menu just run /function seasons:options in the chat.
Also added /function seasons:uninstall which deactivates the datapack, changes back the gamerules to vanilla values and removes all scoreboard objectives, in case you want to hard reset it or just remove it all together
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In this update, all new features have been suggested to me by the really cool people on the Datapack Center Discord.
Here they are:
  • Added the Spring Festival, where villagers celebrate with sales the end of Winter. Idea by Boomber.
  • Animals now can become in love naturally during Spring. They can only do that once per Spring. Idea by Cavinator1.
  • Added the Blood Moon, during which mobs become highered for one night. Idea by Linch.
  • Added the End Incursion, where during one night, a lot of endermen will spawn on the Overworld surface. They will leave after that night. It won't happen during Spring. Idea by Hashs.
  • Added sandstorms in the Desert during Summer, which gives blindness and slowness while outdoors. Idea by Cavinator1.
  • Added crops and composter to the non-layerable blocks.
  • Reduced the rate of flower blooming.
  • Transfered the savanna and its variants from lush to dry biomes.
Also, sorry Emma, but biome weather is not multiplayer-friendly and I want my pack to be like that.

I think I'm pretty much done here, I don't see this pack getting more important events and changes. Maybe it'll get tweaks and fixes in the future, but I think I'll move on to another vanilla-extending project ^^
A new event was introduced to Winter, the Winter Solstice:
  • Always happen at the middle of Winter, starting at midnight.
  • Makes it lasts for an entire day.
List of changes:
  • Biome temperature is now affected by armor.
  • Ice now spreads over the entirety of water, instead of just the shores.
  • Increased the radius of ice melting outside of Winter.
  • Ice now melts to its normal level oustide of Blizzards.

  • Changed the yearLimit score (Summer/Year end) to be expressed in ticks instead of days.
  • Added sugar_cane, stairs, slabs, fences, walls and cactus to the non-layerable blocks.
Other new features:
  • Added a parameter (named weather multiplicator) to change how many times the weather marker should do his work (everything except particle effects).
    • Defaults to 3, which means for example that snow will form and melt 3 times faster on average.
    • Making the value 0 will not make the weather marker do nothing.
    • Adding 1 adds on average 1-3 ms to the MSPT.
  • Added an option menu to change the duration of seasons individually and the weather multiplicator.
    • Time will be stopped for you to freely experiment. Re-enable it when you are done by clicking [Done].
    • Accesssible with the /function seasons:options command.
A new mechanic was added during Spring, the Fish Rain:
  • Lasts one minute.
  • Has a 0,1% chance to happen when rain starts.
  • The fishes don't drop anything to prevent lag. (I tried to make them deal damage but to no avail)
Tweaks made:
  • Increased the temperature change in biomes (now it counter-acts the ambient heat).
  • Increased the amount of fake snow particles.
  • Decreased the amount of fake snow particles added during a Blizzard.
  • Dying of freezing now turns you into a Stray with the same armor and hand items. Dying of overheating turns you into a Husk in the same way.
  • Changed the over-heating death line from "burnt to death" to "over-heated".
Fixes made:
  • Added snowy_beach and stone_shore to the lush biomes.
  • Added the variants of air and vines to the non-layerable blocks.
  • Fixed a bug where you would gain wetness while inside of a boat.
  • Fixed a performance issue with ocean by de-activating the weather marker while on oceans, replacing it with a pseudo weather that only displays particle effects.
  • Fixed custom death messages, they now appear alone and only if you actually die from freezing or overheating. (I turn off the showDeathMessages gamerule for the time of killing the player and displaying the message before re-activating it)
  • Fixed temperature affecting you while dead.
  • Fixed snow piling up during Blizzard.
As promised, here's finally the update that adds biome interaction. 🎉
All biomes have now two characteristics: temperature and humidity. The classification is based on the Wiki page on Biomes, with a few tweaks.

Temperature categories:
  • Hot: Permanent small temperature increase (smaller than the ambient heat).
  • Cold: Permanent small temperature decrease (smaller than the ambient heat). The snow and ice don't melt.
  • Temperate: No temperature change.
Humidity categories:
  • Dry: Double natural drying in the open. No rain nor snow (and so, no gain of wetness).
  • Humid: No natural drying in the open, even when it doesn't rain. No smoke during Heatwaves.
  • Lush: No wetness change.
This update also brings a few tweaks and fixes:
  • Fixed grass smoldering and flower blooming.
  • Removed a particle effect that the weather marker produced, meant for debuging.
  • Reverted the UI change.
  • The temperature test for blocks and such is now triggered with the advancements.
  • Added tall_seagrass to the non-layerable blocks, a tag that contains all the blocks on which the datapack won't place any snow.
If need be, I will release a classification of all biomes on a chart.
I apologize for the amount of bugs that came with the 1.1 version. Here's a summary of everyhting that got fixed:
  • The temperature is now taken in account correctly.
  • Leaves fall in Autumn and snow appears and water freeezes again in Winter.
  • Death support is now correctly changed.
Here are a few new things as well:
  • Now, wearing any piece of golden armor reverses the ambient heat effect. It does not diminishes or increases it.
  • A new achievement goal has been added, Situational Irony: Freeze to death in the Nether.
  • The sensibility for the UI has been very minorly tweaked for it to proprerly show the default ambient temperature effect.