Seasons 2.1

Obligatory download for all veterans. Haven't played minecraft since jungles were released, coming back tho, I really wanted to re-experience minecraft as a true survival experience (without overdoing it). This datapack is pretty much Minecraft 2.0, it's fun and new and it has an unbelievable amount of new interactions to discover (don't wear iron in winter dude, it should be obvious lol). If anything, I'd like some item like a clock or calendar to know how many winter days are left because seriously I'm running out of wood. (This plus Ambrosia is just a brand new game, they fit perfect together).
Rating: This datapack made fall in love with minecraft again/10
Incredible job you did there. This takes the regular mc survival and gives it a tasteful vanilla twist.
Only played for a little bit, but so far so good. It makes the vanilla experience all the better.
Brilliant idea and works well, can't wait to see future features
Really improves the game, giving it a better general look. It adds a lot more realism and provides a good challenge when playing in survival.
It is a great datapack but the only problem is that it does not work in 1.16.4