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(It was created to be multiplayer friendly, but no tests were made, so if bugs were found, please report them here)


  1. Download the datapack above;

  2. Unzip/Extract the .zip file and drop its content inside your '.minecraft/saves/<world>/datapacks' folder;

  3. In your world chat, with cheats on, type /reload;

  4. Now 'Seasonal Calendar' is installed in your world! Left-click the text [SETTINGS] in the chat or type /function calendar:settings to open the datapack settings!


Seasonal Calendar is a datapack that adds a sense of time for minecraft. It's a functional, simple and optimized system that shows what time is it, including year seasons(Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), with their own aspects and game mechanics that aggregate the survival minecraft.

  • See the hours with a time counting system in a 12 hours format(AM/PM);
  • Weekdays and weekends;
  • Four seasons with 28 days each;
  • A digital clock format above hotbar showing the current hour with minutes, day of the week(from monday to sunday) and day of the season(from 1st to 28th);
  • An announcement displaying the current weekday, season day, current season and weather forecast every morning when a new day begins;
  • A new weather system that is generated randomnly everyday depending on the current season(Summers are rainier and stormier, Winters are drier, Autumn and Spring are intermediaries!):
    • Sunny: No rain foreseen but a sun shining all day!
    • Momentary Rainy: A momentary rain that happens at some time of day and ends after a few hours;
    • Rainy All Day: Prepare your umbrellas, rain foreseen all day long!
    • Momentary Stormy: A momentary thunderstorm that happens at some time of day and ends after a few hours;
    • Stormy All Day: Be careful, rain with dangerous lightnings are foreseen!
  • An in-chat datapack settings screen, there are global settings and personal settings, where you can set:
    • Personal Settings:
      • Display method: When the hours will be displayed above hotbar (Always, Clock in Inventory, Clock in Mainhand and Disabled);
      • Day Annoucement: Whether the new day is announced every morning;
    • Global Settings:
      • Weather Generation: Whether wheather should be generated with the new weather system or with the vanilla way;
      • Reset Calendar: It will reset the calendar to the start (Spring, 1st);
      • Uninstall Datapack: Auto-uninstall when needed;

  • More settings;
  • New types of weather (Spring Pollen, Autumn Winds, Winter Frosts...);
  • Natural disasters (Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Sun Storms...);
  • Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter...)
  • Seasons Interactions and Interferences with the Vanilla gameplay;
  • Personal Settings, letting players have their own preferences;
  • Rains last during a few hours at a specific time of the day instead of all day long;

Leave a comment if you have any improvement or idea for this datapack!
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