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SandwichCraft adds modular sandwiches to your game! Build your sandwich from bread, various meats, and toppings. More variety and better ingredients give more saturation! You can also build special combos to gain powerful buffs!

To begin, place an item frame. Then place a bread in the item frame.

Drop any amount of valid ingredients on the ground near the item frame, then right click the item frame to place the ingredients in the sandwich. When you are done, drop a bread on the ground near the item frame, and right click the item frame. This creates your custom sandwich in the item frame!

Combine certain sets of ingredients to create a combo! Combos provide extra saturation and powerful buffs!

Meats (mutually exclusive)

Steak (8 saturation)

Cooked Pork (8 saturation)

Cooked Mutton (8 saturation)

Cooked Chicken (6 saturation)

Cooked Rabbit (6 saturation)

Cooked Salmon (6 saturation)

Cooked Cod (4 saturation)

Rotten Flesh (4 saturation, inflicts hunger when eaten)

Other ingredients

Carrot (1 saturation)

Baked Potato (1 saturation)

Beetroot (1 saturation)

Milk Bucket (1 saturation)

Honey Bottle (1 saturation)

Nether Wart (1 saturation)

Red Mushroom (1 saturation)

Brown Mushroom (1 saturation)

Spider Eye (1 saturation, inflicts poison when eaten)

Blaze Powder (1 saturation, hurts you when eaten)

Iron Ingot (removes the negative effects of all other ingredients)

Gold Ingot (2 saturation, grants the same buffs as a golden apple)

Chorus Fruit (1 saturation, teleports you when eaten)
Zombie Meal (rotten flesh, iron ingot, carrot, baked potato, grants 2 saturation, resistance, and strength

Pigman's Feast (pork, blaze powder, nether wart, grants 2 saturation and fire resistance)

Shroom Sandwich (steak, red mushroom, brown mushroom, grants 2 saturation and regeneration)

Classic Burger (milk and any 8 saturation meat, grants 1 saturation)
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