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Rummage Sack 1.2

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Hashs, CreeperMagnet_, thederdiscohund, Axel (Chuckchuk)
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21w19a or newer
Pack Requirements
  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
Rummage Sack is a small pack that adds one very useful item - the rummage sack!

Rummage sacks are intended to be a mid-game alternative to shulker boxes that make the expansion of your inventory much more feasible without much hassle. They can hold up to five item slots of anything except for more rummage sacks (yes, they can even hold bundles and shulker boxes!). However, digging an item out takes a few seconds, preventing instant item access during combat.

To use a rummage sack:
-Hold it in your offhand.
-Insert items by dropping them from your inventory - the inventory menu or hotbar dropping works just the same!
-Take them out by holding Sneak and listening for the sound effects.

Useful tips:
-Rename rummage sacks according to what kinds of items you put in it!
-The order of items in the sack is dependent on the order you used to put them in! The first item you put in is at the bottom of the sack.
-The longer you rummage your hand through, the further it digs! Waiting for the fifth sound will allow you to pull the item from the bottom of the sack out. Waiting for only the first item will pull the item at the top.
-Some useful ways to use a rummage sack are:
---As a potion pouch,
---To carry gear that isn't being used at the moment,
---To carry various bundles, etc.!

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