Reap RPG (Overhaul Datapack)

Reap RPG (Overhaul Datapack)

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** This download file contains the resourcepack for you, but for those playing on a multiplayer server with you can download it from here. Read the README.txt file to understand how to install this datapack into your world. **

** I HIGHLY SUGGEST you don't use this datapack on your main survival world file (or any world you wish to preserve), but a separate copy of it. That's because this datapack replaces blocks like chests, spawners, etc. and you cannot revert to your original save without a backup. Please take this into consideration and take responsibility when using this datapack on your worlds. Otherwise, have fun!**

** everything here is W.I.P. and can change **


Reap RPG is a Datapack (+Resourcepack) that converts pre-existing or new Minecraft worlds from survival to an exploration, hack & slash adventure. Singleplayer and Multiplayer compatible, and meant to be compatible with other datapacks.

With inspiration from Breath of the Wild, Sword Art Online, Skyrim, Cube World, and Lords of Minecraft.

This datapack is meant to be paired up with other datapacks, especially ones that add structures or RPG-esque items. I encourage others to make structures and dungeons to pair up with this pack. (In the future, I will document ways to hook-in to the datapacks 'api' for custom mobs, structures, loot, etc.) There is a lot of content alone but its a more unique experience player to player with varying structures and items!

There are 5 rarities for items (weapons, tools, foods, etc.) and mobs. You will start at level 0 with a common weapon and a common loot chest, near a village.

Scourage the land for loot in abandoned structures and dungeons. Level up as you discover loot chests. Build up your arsenal of armor and weapons and scrap the rest for gold. Trade with players for rare items or with villagers for loot chests with gold bars. Set up a campfire to heal and cook raw food, brew potions, or fix up a meal.

Villager trades are vital to gameplay and certain Villager professions exhibit different behaviors. Bankers trade rarer gems. Clerics can heal nearby mobs or players that are injured and sell healing items. Find the Dungeoneer to get started on a quest or buy some loot chests. Fishermen can trade for fish you've been able to snag. The Smither can trade for tools useful for harvesting resources.

a brief list of current features:
- On first spawn, players receive a harvesting tool, a common weapon, a common Loot Chest, a Healing Vial, and an Ancient Waystone. The Ancient Waystone allows the player to set their spawn anywhere and will respawn them on use. Useful for exploring and dungeon clearing


- Mana Bar (replaces the Food Bar) that can be accumulated with potions, destroying mana crystals, or other means
- Stamina bar that drains as you do intensive tasks (sprinting, diving), and introduces a Climbing mechanic that lets you climb any solid block if you face it and crouch against it

- Spawners are replaced by Mana Crystals that spawn the same mob continuously until broken by being attacked. Mana Crystals can be Light or Dark dependant on the mob they spawn. They also vary in rarity which determines their difficulty to break
- XP is gained from Loot Chests, with more gained from higher rarity chests. Mobs drop loot chests relative to their rarity. Chests are replaced by Loot Chests, which vary in rarity and loot dependant on your level
- Both Mana Crystals and Loot chests are replenished every Minecraft day. (This means you can go back and clear an older area another day. Or for example, players on a server that stumble upon a place you've already been can still have the new experience and gain some loot/xp)

- Mobs vary in difficulty and loot by their mob type and rarity. The rarity of a mob is determined by the average level of the players around it


- More weapons, shields and armor types and materials are added, including Broadswords, Shortswords, Longswords, War-axes, and Battle-axes (more planned) with material such as Copper, Prismarine, Steel, Frostmetal, Emeraldite, Obsidian, and more

- Bombs that bounce before exploding like mini smoke bombs that give invisibility and mini tnt that breaks blocks around it available at higher levels.

- Scrap loot into coins by throwing them on an Anvil. Higher rarity = more coins
- All mobs drop gold coins that can be traded for gold bars and used for trade amongst players and villagers
- Custom Campfire easy to spark anywhere that regenerates your health and can cook food around it


- Custom Mobs like Butterflies, Frogs, and Crickets that can be caught

- Health Bars on mobs, Damage Indications that show health lost/healed on mobs and players, as well as dynamic Gore particles depending on the material of the hurt mob (Ex. Zombies = Flesh particles, Skeletons = Bone particles)
- Ambient sounds and effects like birds chirping in the day and footsteps/armor rustling

- Villagers are overhauled. Certain Mobs like Villagers, Cats, and Iron Golems are Invulnerable and their white names reflect that

- You can get access to tools like hatchets (that can fell entire trees down or turn logs into planks when sneaking) by getting coin and trading with a Toolsmith or unlocking through the advancement system (press "L" in-game)

- Individual Packs are toggleable (Damage Indications, Stamina, Ambience, Tree Feller, and more if Debug mode on)

a brief list of planned features (before v.1 release):
- Waystones artifacts able to set a permanent TP point and then use to teleport there at the cost of mana
- Magic items like tomes, wands, staffs.
- Campfires with Cookpots that can brew potions and make meals
- Revamp Villages into Landmarks that have randomized names and show the name (via title) to whoever enters its range
- Minimal structure generation for resources (Ore, Loot, Waystone Points)
- Larger Scale Structure generation like randomized Dungeons for quests
- Players cannot destroy blocks in villages/'landmark' structures like dungeons
- Players, once experienced enough and have enough coin, can start Villages and become a chief. Players can join their Village and build houses and other structures using Blueprints from Contractors. Blueprints indicate when one has placed enough blocks for the specified structure. Players that are members of a Village can break blocks there

a brief list of planned features (for future releases):
- Even more melee weapons + ranged weapons like shortbows, longbows, crossbows, spears, scythes, daggers etc.
- Expand quests to be more than advancements by making the player travel
- Ore 'blocks' that can be broken with a weapon and drop gems, ore, and flint. They regenerate every Minecraft day akin to loot chests (chance to not spawn). They also spawn in clusters in large stone generated structures.
- Structures built in villages using blueprints encourage the summoning of more villagers of certain professions, as well as give access to resource farming, like Mines for Ore, Orchards for fruit, Pastuerds for Milk, Cheese, and Meat, Ponds for fish, etc.
-1.14 version?
- Specializations: Using a certain Gear/Weapon combo will put you into a different specialization bucket that gives you more and more strength the better your combo is. People that use magic more get a buff when wearing light armor and wielding wands/tomes or when they wear heavy armor and wield staves, etc.)
- Prestige. Once you max out on levels, you can 'prestige' by clearing your progress but keeping your level and soulbound artifacts. You then continue to the next max level, from common to mythical rarity.

1.15 Compatibility:
Recommend To Play With-
TyrusWoo's GameChanger3: Has a lot of changes you can toggle on after /reload but the main mechanic that adds to this datapack is the structure generator. Plop it in your world, turn on abundant structure spawning (don't really need to turn on biome caves) and turn on the structure generator and you're good to go.
Crab's Structure Generator: Modular structure generator. Crab provides 4 structure packs and a file where they're pre-installed with his datapack. Plop that in your datapacks folder.

Is not Compatible-
Austins RPG Datapack: Adds weapons/armor that conflict with Reap RPG's custom weapon/armor when selecting classes and getting kits. May fix later.

Datapack is still in progress but I often put it up publicly for testing on my server. Join the Discord here to get info on that and the progress of the datapack. I'm also looking for people to provide weapon textures to put in the game for artifacts in the discord as well.

I was inspired by a bunch of datapack creators and have gotten a lot of help from the r/MinecraftCommands discord. I've been playing MC since 2012 and have fiddled with command blocks and adventure maps since they were released and an infinite RPG is always something I've wanted to make in Minecraft. Glad I can finally release something that is RPG-esque and can build on it.

I want to also credit Athesial for her fruit textures from her VOAT datapack
here, Kiptrix for inspiring me with his BOTW map here, u/Nebulyst for some weapon textures here, AgentM too since I used a modified version of his Treefeller datapack here, Remy from discord for his Damage Indications help, u/ssolisv12 for his RPG datapack ideas, and of course all the great helpers from r/MinecraftCommands. I highly suggest you join their discord if you're into Minecraft commands at all, here.
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