Proxen's Art

Proxen's Art 1.0

Heyyyyyyyyy... How's it been?

I promised I would get a lot done, but now I'm back to square one thanks to school. Fear not, for I have made some decisions for the future:

The Potato Engine

This data pack will allow all of my future data packs to be compatible with one another (And hopefully other data packs), while also running a lot better.

Common functions & scoreboards will all come from here, so things are more organized.

My Age Old Project

I've been working on this one project for about 4 years now. Damn... Time flies ;-;

I grab ideas from various communities & recreate them into the game as accurately as possible, so people can see these beauties brought to life.

I keep redoing this one as new ideas come along. Right now I've been trying to give it a new name, and so far I've come up with Boundless. Pretty neat...

Dungeons & Earth Recreated

These are two separate projects that haven't been worked on. I'm simply waiting for progress to be made on those games before I do anything that I'll have to scrap anyways.

The Potato Engine was created primarily because of these. I want things to be modular so people can have one or the other installed & not have problems.

My Discord Server

I'm still working on that. I've been trying to label the place nicely so it feels very official.

I'll be getting people in eventually as "previewers" so they can give me feedback. Some might also become moderators or contributors in the end.


I have been planning, but haven't acted on things yet. This will take time because of school, and as I write this I'm dealing with Work Experience.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I can bring you something new very soon. Bye!
This is like the 3rd time I've released this pack...

Anyways, here it is, with a new name, new cover art style, and fixes made to two of the paintings.

I've also made the decision that with more paintings made by Proxentauri, I will update this pack to feature them.

This pack has also been released on my website, Planet Minecraft, and it should be released to Reddit soon.