Plants vs Zombies: Minecraft Edition

Plants vs Zombies: Minecraft Edition

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40% Complete
Jachro, Greeny, Willplayzstuff, Nicole, Maxaxik
Minecraft Version(s)
Map Requirements
  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
  2. Depends on an exterior Data Pack
The zombies are back, and they are even more persistent than before. Defend your house from waves of the invading dead, with familiar faces and new allies. With new custom plants you can relive the fun of the original PvZ, but watch out, for new zombies with diabolical abilities will want those brains!

The Map includes:
7 new areas
New custom plants
New custom zombies
7 boss zombies

and much more!
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Latest updates

  1. 'Crush'-ing some issues, as well as a new plant!

    4-7-19 Change Log Bug Fixes to Zombie models Fixed models of the Crusher Decided to showcase...
  2. New Textures and minor model changes!

    Thanks to Jachro we have new textures for the zombies! I myself edited the headwear of the...