Piglin Trick-or-Treat

Piglin Trick-or-Treat 1.0.0

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1.16, 1.16.1, 1.16.2, 1.16.3, 1.16.4
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This datapack adds piglins in Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating. The piglins spawned by this datapack will not zombify in the overworld, cannot be killed in survival mode (to protect your trick-or-treat event), and cannot hurt players. Each piglin spawns with one of 20 different Halloween costumes (monster player heads), and all give the same selection of candy. Twelve candies are included in the required resource pack, and the resource pack also includes a retextured gold ingot that looks like an event ticket.

How to use:

Unzip the datapack and place it in your world's datapacks directory. Relaunch your world or use the /reload command. Be sure to add the resource pack to your world, or the candy will look like dried kelp and that's no fun at all! (If you have a server with a resource pack, you will need to combine this with that pack and be sure there are no CustomModelData conflicts.)

Once installed, run "/function trick_or_treat:init" to set up a couple scoreboard values that handle random numbers.

Then you can run "/function trick_or_treat:spawn_halloween_piglin" to summon a piglin with one of 20 random monster heads. The current costumes are: Hell Bee, Demogorgon, Redstone Monstrosity, Teeth Monster, Jack-o-Lantern, Soulfire Jack-o-Lantern, Chewbacca, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Mike Wazowski, King Caesar, Biollante, Anguirus, Cookie Monster, Mutant Bread, Dementor, Mothman, Nautilus Monster, Glow Squid, Puffin, and Crab Monster. These can be changed by editing the spawn_halloween_piglin.mcfunction file.

To give yourself a stack of "Treat Tickets" (retextured gold ingots) run "function trick_or_treat:treat_tickets".

If you use this pack, please give me some feedback and suggestions! And if you use it for a stream or YouTube video, please link to the pack in the description and post your video here so I can see! Thank you!

Here is my family and myself trying out this datapack for the first time on my server:

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