Overskip 1.6

Hello everyone. There's no new release, but there is something new - the logo! We now finally have a logo (by Kierancraft). It's not in the current version, but it will be in the next one whenever it happens. I'm also going to commission a title logo some time soon.


Here are also some versions that didn't become the logo but are still quite cool in my opinion.



You know what's really wild? Releasing a port one day sooner than the version it's porting to fully comes out! Here is the "Overskip" update for 1.19. It adds some recipes that were removed in the last update, makes the console available for players without access to cheats, adds an in-game changelog and more.

Now, here's the full changelog:

  • Added 'LINKS' and 'CHANGELOG' buttons to the console (unlike all other console buttons they don't requite access to cheats to execute);

  • Brown Dye from Rotten Flesh recipe and advancement moved back from "Recipe Tweaks" (it was moved to that pack in the previous version) and changed: now it's a Furnace/Smoker/(Soul) Campfire recipe and gives 0.1 experience;
  • Yellow Dye from Glowstone Dust recipe and advancement moved back from "Recipe Tweaks".

  • Updated to 1.19;
  • Clicking the /reload message now brings up the console instead of just the links;
  • Access to cheats is no longer required to see the links or the console (you can run iOS_Changelog, iOS_Console and iOS_Links trigger commands);
  • Updated tags with 1.19 entities and blocks;
  • Following block groups added to the "air" block tag (won't protect you from the effects of Nether weather): Wool Carpets, Leaves.

  • The "enderman_holdable" block tag is now up-to-date (they are still unable to pick up Nylium as in the most recent versions of the pack).
Quick hotfix! The only change in this version is that you can now enable the pack on startup in a world with cheats disabled if the pack was installed upon world creation.
"Overskip" is now on 1.18! This version adds mainly quality of life features, such as the new console, improved code, much better design for chat messages and bonuses to the start of the challenge.

Now, here's the full changelog:

  • Added a console function which allows you to: enable/disable the pack; reset yourself/everyone; set the weather.;
  • You can now disable/enable the challenge using the /reload message button;
  • Added links to "Overskip" pages on: PlanetMinecraft; DPC (that's here!); my website.

  • Updated to 1.18;
  • Nether weather effects (slowness & burning) now occur at Y=32-120; Nether weather effects (particles & sound) now occur at Y=28-124.;
  • When the challenge begins players will now: be teleported somewhere beneath y=76; get 30 seconds of Resistance V; spawn on a Grass Block with a Dirt Block underneath.;
  • The challenge no longer uses portal blocks - now it's /spreadplayers and /tp;
  • You now get the /reload message without having to run the command if the pack was installed upon world creation;
  • Shortened and aesthetically improved the /reload function message and the links;
  • Optimized the pack;
  • Improved some advancement triggers;
  • "Overskip" recipes will now unlock under certain conditions: TNT, Glass and Concrete Powder recipes for obtaining Soul Sand; Smelting/Blasting Diamond recipes for obtaining a Diamond.;
  • Piglin Brute loot table removed;
  • Updated tags with 1.17 entities and blocks;
  • Following blocks added to the "air" block tag (won't protect you from the effects of Nether weather): Bells, Lanterns, Soul Lanterns, Tripwire Hooks, Brewing Stands, Levers, Lightning Rods, Scaffolding, Turtle Eggs, Glass Panes, Ferns, Large Ferns, Grass, Tall Grass, Walls, Chains, Iron Bars, Ladders, End Rods, Sugar Cane, Bamboo, Bamboo Saplings, Sea Pickles, Dead Bushes, Cobwebs, Iron Doors.

  • Following recipes moved to "Recipe Tweaks" (some have changed slightly): Armor Stand, Blast Furnace, Brown Dye from Rotten Flesh, Crying Obsidian, Cyan Dye from Nether Sprouts/Warped Roots/Twisting Vines, Red Dye from Crimson Roots/Nether Wart/Weeping Vines, Yellow Dye form Glowstone Dust, Dispenser, Dropper, Gilded Blackstone, Grindstone, Lever, Observer, Piston, Stonecutter;
  • "Dyebolical" challenge moved to "Recipe Tweaks".
Hello there! Since 1.17 just released I had to update the pack. There are very few changes.

Updated the pack to 1.17;
Fixed the pack.mcmeta file;
Removed the extra advancement in the global tree.
Hello everybody! The time has come for another update to this pack. This one's changelog is actually really big so strap in.

Here's a TL;DR for you though: more challenges, more crafting recipes, renewable iron and new weather.
You can find out more about the new weather in this special showcase:

Now, here's the full changelog:

Added Nether weather (Lavafalls and Storms)
Occur when there's Rain in the Overworld
Drip lava from all surfaces!
Set flammable entities on fire unless they're under cover (no more than 5 non-full blocks above the entity or outside of the Y=33-125 radius) or wearing a Golden/Iron/Diamond/Netherite Helmet or a Turtle shell
Wither players unless they're under cover (no more than 5 non-full blocks above the entity or outside of the Y=33-125 radius), wearing a Golden/Iron/Diamond/Netherite Helmet or a Turtle shell or fire resistant (potion effect)
Occur when there's Thunder in the Overworld
Ash or Spores (depending on the biome) increase in amount as it gets windy!
Inflict Slowness 2 on all slowable entities (avoidable under cover (no more than 5 non-full blocks above the entity, or outside of the Y=33-125 radius))
Negate the effects of Lavafalls (and just put entities out of fire!)
Don't occur in Nether Wastes (replaced with regular Lavafalls)

-Crafting tweaks
Yellow Dye with Glowstone Dust, Brown Dye with Rotten Flesh, Red Dye with Nether Wart/Crimson Roots/Weeping Vines and Cyan Dye from Nether Sprouts/Twisting Vines/Warped Roots
TNT, Concrete Powder and Glass can now be obtained with Soul Sand
Blast Furnaces can now be crafted with Polished Blackstone

-Loot table tweaks
Piglins and Piglin Brutes now drop Iron Nuggets
Striders now drop Music Discs
Ruined Portal loot table updated to include Chiseled Stone Bricks and Compasses

Endermen are now required for the "Doomslayer" challenge
Added "Hot Springs" goal (swimming in Lava while resistant to fire (potion effect)), "Gluttony" advancement (eating any food item available in the Nether) and "Cornucopia" (eating one of every food item obtainable in the Nether) and "Dyebolical" (getting one of every Dye obtainable in the Nether) challenges

Endermen are no longer able to pick up Nylium
Reorganized the pack files
Fixed visible Armor Stand in the start function
Hey everyone! It's been time for another update for a good while now, so here it is:
1) Replaced Spectral Arrows with Glowstone Dust in bartering;
2) Added a recipe for Gilded Blackstone;
3) Polished Blackstone blocks can now be used to craft Armor Stands, Grindstones and Stonecutters;
3) Piglin Brutes are now required for the "Doomslayer" challenge;
4) Added "Brutality" challenge for slaying 10 Piglin Brutes;
5) Rearranged advancements;
6) Now following general data pack conventions;
7) Fixed Nether Portals breaking upon entering the Nether despite the functionality being disabled;
8) You can now click on the /reload message to get links instead of always getting the chat spammed with links;
9) Optimized.
Hey guys, hope you are all enjoying the "Overskip" experience. I'm here to release a small update to patch the pack up. First, the pack is now disabled by default. That means that if your current world has it disabled, updating it to the new version will enable it. Be prepared! Secondly, most of the advancements for the pack are gone because they were the same or similar to vanilla ones. There are some changes as well - "Red & Blue" now requires Shroomlights and "Let It Grow" only works on Nether blocks (Nylium, Vines and Fungi). Last but not least, you can now craft Crying Obsidian using Ghast Tears. It's expensive but it makes sense IMO! Have fun everyone.