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This pack, once enabled*, will instantly teleport you into the Nether dimension with no way out. Your goal is to make a portal and return, but the "Overskip" also offers a variety of advancements and challenges unrelated to the escape. This pack provides a fun and unique survival experience and makes life in the Nether more sustainable. There are also functions for resetting players and disabling the challenge, so you can always customize your experience.

Another tweak added in the "Overskip" is the Nether weather - the deadly lavafalls and the howling storms! Both add atmosphere and affect the gameplay spicing the game up. This pack also includes recipe tweaks (like making Glass and TNT obtainable with Soul Sand, making all Diamond items smeltable into Diamonds and more) and useful loot table changes (like Piglins dropping Iron Nuggets, compasses in the Ruined Portal chests and more).

* "enabled" here refers to the challenge functionality (being teleported into the Nether); other features of the pack are always enabled.

Huge thanks to Kierancraft for making the logo! Also, huge shout-out to skunkmunkee for making a showcase of the data pack! Watch the video below to get the gist of the pack's features. However, be mindful - these covered v1.3 of the pack, so there is some outdated info.

Watch this video to see the weather feature in detail (the feature has changed slightly since then - please check out the 1.5 changelog for more details).

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