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Here's a preview of how the environment in Etheria interacts with the player. Make sure to always be on your toes, cause you never know what can attack you next!

Despite the name, these critters are not really fun...

You can expect to find groups of these in mushroom biomes (more on those soon), or in dark areas/caves. If you're in the discord, you might recall a little guy called "Purple Mush". Well, I decided to change their design, name and behaviour to fit Shadow Funglings more. I'm not sure if I want to reveal that to you however.

Shadow Funglings still have some small bugs I have to fix, but their behaviour is good enough to be showcased, so here you go:

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Thanks to one of our developers - Nuclear Nexus, the forge works a lot better now!

- The output of the recipe has to be taken out to be crafted (like in a crafting table).
- The ingredients don't have to be put in one by one.
- The machine doesn't consume aeromagma anymore.
- You can now power the machine with magmagel blocks.
- Enchantments don't stack anymore.
- Reduced lag.

(Those with a keen eye could notice a couple other additions in the video ;))
Remember the Skystone Anvil? If you're not on the discord, I would guess that no, because I haven't posted about it on this website... Well, this puppy is its replacement. This machine is a wacky combination of the furnace, the anvil, and the enchanting table. The best part is that this is not the only machine that will be added to Etheria! Any feedback and criticism is more than welcome.
This is still a work in progress, but the main concept is there.