Ordana’s Inferno

Ordana’s Inferno 1.7.0

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Ordana, DMTHGM, Rachel, Geegaz, CreeperMagnet_
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Plugin servers (Spigot, Paper, etc.) as well as Realms do not support custom dimensions! This pack is completely reliant on custom dimensions and you will not be able to play it using those servers! Use a vanilla, non-Realm server or a plugin that enables custom dimensions to fix this! If you want this to be fixed, bug the Spigot/Paper/Realms devs about it, not me!

Notice!! You must install the datapack as you create a world or it will not work properly. Remember to download the accompanying resource pack. Please also be sure to set your language to American English or United Kingdom English. (Please contact me if you are interesting in translating to other languages)

Please play on 21w11a  

Ordana's Inferno is a survival experience unlike anything you've ever seen before. The pack contains several brand new and very unique biome, countless new building blocks, new ores, weapons, mobs, bosses and more!!  

Ordana's Inferno is created by me, Ordana, and my talented team of helpers. A special thanks to DMTHGM and Geegaz the artists of the pack as well as Rachel for assorted bits of advice and the boss fight programing. Credit to CreeperMagnet_ for helping out with complicated code when we need help.  

If you have any questions, please check our official website here and if you still can't figure out what to do, find our Discord, We hope you enjoy!
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  1. Just, an ungodly amount of things have changed since I last updated this download link

    tbh it's not even worth trying to list everything, it's practically a whole new pack.
  2. A Charming Update

    Added new charms that give the player buffs when in inventory. Also updated respawn mechanic to...
  3. Small update

    Various bug fixes