Ocean Additions

Sponsored Ocean Additions v2.0.3

  • Optimized Lobsters
  • Boiled Lobster Meat can now be gained from killing a Lobster with Fire or Fire Aspect
  • Custom Death Messages display properly to all players
  • Custom Structures now use less memory for worldgen so it doesn't crash with worldgen datapacks
  • Ocean King Loot is now less random
  • Vertical Spawn position of the Abyss Ship is now constant
  • Damage system now supports totems
  • Added Abyss Dweller Spawn Eggs
  • Added Abyss Dwellers
  • Added Biomechanical Scales
  • Added Eper Fruit Seeds
  • Added Eper Fruit (Crop)
  • Added Eper Fruit
  • Added Rotten Eper Fruit
  • Added Deep Sea Explorer Map
  • Added Abyss UFOs
  • Added Abyss Ships
  • Added Colony Queen Bossfight
  • Added Phaser Armor Set
  • Added Phaser Blade
  • Added Phaser Armor Repair Kit
  • Added Phaser Blade Sharpening Kit
  • Added Phaser Core
  • Added Music Disc "March of the Ocean King" by Primalugly
  • Added Music Disc "Aiónios Thánatos" by Primalugly
  • Added Advancement "Distress Signal"
  • Added Advancement "Aliens"
  • Added Advancement "Cover Me in ...???"

~ Lobsters are now more optimized
~ Randomizer system is changed in order to make more random results
~ General Damage system no longer teleports Magmacubes to the player
~ Ocean King boss fight is now based of Kinematic Koffee V2
~ Boss Fight should be more optimized now
~ Attacks no longer teleport the boss and now instead change motion values
~ Rebalanced drops
~ Now Drops the added Music Disc "March of the Ocean King" by Primalugly
~ Rebalanced the fight in general
~ Datapack now follows smithed compatibility

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No longer checks every entity in the world for a predicate when a player is hurt
Added Finnish translations
Lobster Spawn Rates reduced
Added Lobster Spawn Eggs (gained with /loot give @s loot ocean_additions:items/lobster_spawn_egg)
Lobsters can no longer drop their own model