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Also available on Planet Minecraft. Previously known as Nether Survival.

This data pack makes little changes to the Nether that makes you more able to survive there. This pack is intended to be played with the following setup:
  • Survival mode. Cheats on, or temporarily open the game to LAN with cheats on.
  • Run this command:/datapack disable vanilla
Players who are in Survival or Adventure mode should automatically be teleported to the Nether, even upon dying re-spawning.

Visit the Netherbound Wiki for crafting recipes and other info.

Version 3.0 is here with tons of new decorative blocks and a new mob to use for farming fungi and foliage, as well as fixing a bunch of bugs and making the pack compatible with the latest snapshot!

Update: 3.1 has been added and fixes respawning and Gold Ore not smelting.

Update: 3.2 has been added and fixes an issue where Wasps would always spawn but never despawn, filling the world with infinite Wasps. Hijacks have also been modified to be less intensive and/or destructive, only emitting particles and creating Cobwebs when there is a player nearby. And lastly, Nether Portals have been disabled. Trying to go through one will damage you! The Resource Pack has also been updated to version 3.2!

Here are the changes made since 2.3:
World Generation
  • Soul Sand Valley structures have been redesigned to be much larger.
  • "Cover Me in Gold" advancement now branches from the "Recycling" advancement.
  • "Getting an Upgrade" advancement now requires an Iron Sword instead of a Stone Sword.
  • "Diamond!" advancement now branches from the "Getting an Upgrade" advancement.
  • "Scrap Metal" advancement now branches from the "Diamond!" advancement.
  • "Bullseye" advancement added from vanilla, still branching off of "Take Aim".
  • Ghast Tear has been renamed to Tear.
  • Crafting recipe for Scaffolding changed to require 3 Weeping Vines instead of 1 String.
  • Crimson Nylium and Warped Nylium drop Netherrack when broken but can still be harvested with Silk Touch.
  • Endermen only drop Diamonds if killed with a Gold, Iron, Diamond, or Netherite Sword.
  • Chance of getting Iron Nuggets from Piglin trades has been increased slightly, and the number of nuggets recieved has been increased.
  • Hijacks now drop more Warped Fungi.
  • Fishing Rod recolored to match other wooden tools.
  • Textures added for Note Block and Smithing Table.
  • Scaffolding retextured and remodeled to include Weeping Vines inside the block.
  • Unique texture added for Crafting Table bottom, Bookshelf top and bottom, and Fletching Table bottom. The Oak Planks, Birch Planks, and Pumpkin side textures are no longer overwritten by the resource pack.
  • New left and right side textures added to the Skull Block and Skull Lantern.
  • Crafting Table, Bookshelf, Fletching Table, Skull Block, and Skull Lantern remodeled so as to not overwrite textures for blocks that aren't used.
  • Stone model no longer uses the Netherrack texture. Double Netherrack Slabs now use the Netherrack texture directly.
  • Cobblestone model no longer uses the Basalt texture. Double Basalt Slabs now use the Basalt texture directly.
  • Iron Golem texture's vines recolored to be red, matching the Weeping Vines.
  • Slimeball and Slime Block textures recolor to be slightly bluer to match the Twisted Vines.
  • Piston and Sticky Piston textures recolored.
  • Enchanting Table recipe fixed.
  • "Monster Hunter" and "Monsters Hunted" advancements fixed.
  • "Monsters Hunted" advancement no longer requires killing mobs that cannot be accessed.
  • "Hogtied" advancement fixed.
  • Fixed a typo in the "Scrap Metal" advancement
  • Endermen can pick up blocks successfully.
  • Hijacks drop items successfully.
  • Zombified Piglins drop items successfully.
  • Green Dye can be crafted from Yellow Dye and Blue Dye.
  • Added Bucket of Magma which can be crafted from 1 Bucket and 8 Magma Blocks.
  • Buckets of Magma can be blasted into Buckets of Lava.

  • Crimson Nylium and Warped Nylium can be crafted with 1 Netherrack and 1 Crimson Roots or Warped Roots on top.
  • Added Slate Netherrack and Slate Netherrack Bricks.
  • Added Slate Netherrack Slabs and Stairs and Slate Netherrack Brick Slabs, Stairs, and Walls.
  • Added Basalt Bricks and Chiseled Basalt Bricks.
  • Added Basalt Brick Slabs, Stairs, and Walls.
  • Bone Fence added. Can be crafted from 6 Bones in a 3 x 2 section.
  • Weeping Brambles and Twisted Brambles added. Can be crafted from 9 of their respective vines.
  • 9 Weeping Vines or Twisted Vines can be crafted from their respective Brambles block.
  • Target Blocks can be crafted from 1 Weeping Brambles or Twisted Brambles and 4 Redstone.
  • Weeping Brambles can be used to smelt, blast, or transmute 20 items.
  • Twisted Brambles can be smelted into Slimeballs.
    • Slime Blocks, Leads, and Magma Cream are now craftable because of this.
  • Wasp Nest added. Can be crafted from 8 Cobwebs in a Chest pattern.
  • Meatloaf added. Can be crafted from 3 Weeping Vines, 3 edible mushrooms, 2 Salted Cooked Porkchops, and 1 Syrup Bottle. Can be placed and eaten like cake.
  • Charred Log, Ashen Planks, Ashen Slabs, and Ashen Stairs added but are unobtainable.
  • Charred Logs can be crafted into 4 Ashen Planks, which can be crafted into Stairs and Slabs as expected.
  • Can be obtained with the /give command by giving purpur blocks, pillars, slabs, or stairs.

  • Wasps added. They spawn in Warped Forests and become hostile when a player enters within 5 blocks of them. Wasps also do not die after they've stung a player.
  • Wasps don't become hostile if they have the Weakness effect.
  • Wasps can pollenate mushrooms, fungi, roots, Nether Sprouts, and Wither Roses, and can be breeded with all of the same blocks.
  • When a Wasp pollenates a block, it can create another of that block on nylium as it flies around. This does not work with Wither Roses.
  • Cockatrices can be bred with Twisted Brambles.
  • "You Won't Be Needing That" advancement removed.
  • "Isn't It Iron Pick" advancement removed.
  • Sticky Pistons are no longer crafted with Magma Cream
  • Green Dye is no longer crafted with Magma Cream
Known Bugs
  • Nether spawning platform has a chance to not generate air, spawning players inside the terrain. I don't know what causes this, but it seems to work fine so long as it's not trying to generate the platform upon loading the world. Try running the /datapack disable vanilla command after you've generated the world for the first time without saving and quitting at all?
  • Ender Chests drop Obsidian instead of Chiseled Quartz Blocks.
  • Soul Fire cannot be lit on Soul Sand or Soul Soil
  • Respawn Anchors cannot be crafted and do not drop anything when broken.
Planned Additions or Changes
  • A way to obtain TNT.
  • Fully implemented Cockatrices.
  • A new area to explore?
Leave a comment, join my Discord Server, or message me on Discord at thisisnotaustin#00005 if you have any suggestions and I may update this pack in the future!
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  1. Version 3.2 is Available for Download

    3.2 actually comes with a couple substantial changes instead of just bug fixes. Firstly, the...
  2. List of Crafting Recipes on the Wiki is Up to Date

    As far as I know, all new recipes are now on the list. If I'm missing any, please let me know!
  3. Version 3.1 is Available for Download

    The following bugs have been fixed: Gold ore cannot be smelted Respawning does not work correctly

Latest reviews

This pack is hard to get started with as there is no wiki or tutorials that iv'e found, but it is very satisfying to figure out how to progress. I suggest skimming the features to at least give yourself some goal, like find structures in the Soul Sand Valley biome. There is also some nice features missing, like being able to move your spawnpoint to a base you made, though I expect these problems to be later fixed somehow. Other than that the amount of new blocks, new recipes, and new mobs all make force me to relearn the ways of playing Minecraft, something which I haven't done in years. Now granted mods / modpacks can give you the same experience and better, though I find datapacks very easy to install and play quickly, unlike mods. I highly suggest anyone to play this datapack, though be warned, it is pretty damn difficult.
Note: There is in fact a wiki, and in version 3.2 you can use vanilla Respawn Anchors to move your spawnpoint (this review was written in 3.1 when Respawn Anchors weren't available).