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Also available on Planet Minecraft. Previously known as Nether Survival.

This data pack makes changes to the Nether that makes it a more fleshed out survival experience. To install this data pack:
  • In the Create New World menu, click on Data Packs
  • Drag and drop the data pack onto the screen.
  • Move Netherbound to the Selected side.
  • Uninstall Default (aka "vanilla") by moving it to the Available side.
Players who are in Survival or Adventure mode should automatically be teleported to the Nether, even upon dying re-spawning.

Visit the Netherbound Wiki for crafting recipes and other info.

Version 4.0 is officially released and formally introduces Cockatrices, as well as Pitchforks, Enchantments, Permafrost, and full 1.16 compatibility! I don't have time to play Minecraft very much nowadays so play testing and bug reports from you guys would be very helpful.

Version 4.1 is out and fixes some minor bugs, reverts Gold Ore to dropping nuggets, and tweaks the distribution of mob spawning so that there are more Hijacks and less Cockatrices.

Version 4.1.1 is out. Turns out I forgot to actually revert gold ore to dropping nuggets, and the loading message for the pack still said version 4.0. Both of these issues have been patched.

Version 4.1.2 fixes a couple critical bugs.

Version 4.1.3 fixes a critical bug: Netherite armor smithing recipes were missing. Additionally, Cockatrice spawns have been restricted to Nether Wastes.

Here are the changes made since 4.0:

  • Chance of a Hijack spawning in a Warped Forest instead of an Enderman raised to 15% from 10%.
  • Chance of an Enderman spawning in a Warped Forest remaining an Enderman lowered to 65% from 70%.
  • Chance of a Cockatrice spawning instead of a Zombified Piglin lowered to 1% from 2%.
  • Gold Ore drops Gold Nuggets again instead of itself.
  • Basalt Bricks are crafted from 4 Polished Basalt in a 2x2 pattern.
  • Magic Chambers can no longer be crafted from a single Furnace.
  • Targets and Crying Obsidian now drop when mined.
  • "Prospecting" icon changed to Gold Nugget, and description changed to say you must collect a Gold Nugget.
Here are the changes made since 3.2:
  • Changed Iron Nugget trade from bartering Iron Nuggets to Slag. Weight and quantity are the same.
  • Changed Ender Pearl trade from bartering 2-6 Ender Pearls to 2-4 Ender Pearls. Weight is the same.
  • Ruined Portal chests may now contain 1 Crying Obsidian instead of 1-2 Obsidian.
  • Ruined Portal chests may now contain Saddles instead of Golden Horse Armor.
  • Nether Fortress chests may now contain 1-3 Crying Obsidian instead of 2-4 Obsidian.
  • Nether Fortress chests may now contain Golden Boots instead of Diamond Horse Armor.
  • Nether Fortress chests may now contain Golden Leggings instead of Iron Horse Armor.
  • Nether Fortress chests may now contain Golden Helmets instead of Golden Horse Armor.
  • Decreased spawn rate for Hijacks and increased spawn rate for Wasps.
  • Striders remain warm when standing on Magma Blocks.
  • Smelting recipe for Tears changed to require Weeping Brambles.
  • Honeycomb renamed to Paper Comb.
  • Spicy Meat Stew no longer gives Saturation I when eaten.
  • Lever, Piston, Dispense, Dropper, and Observer crafting recipes now use Blackstone instead of Basalt.
  • "Scrap Metal" advancement has been replaced with "Hidden in the Depths" advancement.
  • "Recycling" advancement has been replaced with "Prospecting" advancement.
  • Various advancements rearranged.
  • Water has been retextured to look murkier.
  • Pig's Tail texture changed slightly.
  • Smooth Stone textures recolored slightly.
  • Color of Magic Chamber flames in texture and GUI changed from blue to green to differentiate it from Soul Fire.
  • All wood parts of Rail and variant textures recolored.
  • Piston once again retextured. Stone parts made darker to resemble Blackstone and wood recolored to crimson.
  • Stonecutter and Blast Furnace textures recolored to resemble Basalt.
  • Minecart with Chest and Minecart with Furnace recolored to match their respective blocks.
  • Levers remodeled to use Blackstone texture instead of Cobblestone.
  • Furnaces, Dispensers, Droppers, Observers, and Brewing Stands recolored to resembled Blackstone.
  • Basalt Brick textures changed to differentiate it from Blackstone Bricks.
  • Netherite Tools slightly recolored to make them more easily identifiable.
  • Stone Tools recolored to be darker, more closely resembling Blackstone.
  • Music Discs 13, mellohi, stal, and 11 have been retextured to more closely resemble Pigstep.
  • Code for status effects from eating foods has been moved to an advancement-based structure instead of a scoreboard-based one. Objectives abnether_rabbit, abnether_rawbeef, abnether_beef, abnether_r_stew, and abnether_b_soup are no longer used and can be removed.
  • Code for randomization has been moved to predicates instead of killing random area-of-effect clouds.

  • Players now spawn/respawn randomly arround the world spawnpoint instead of always spawning at 0, 33, 0.
  • Players are given a Stone Pickaxe when spawning for the first time.
  • Added 4-12 Spectral Arrows trade to bartering with a weight of 5.
  • Added 1-3 Crying Obsidian trade to bartering with a weight of 8.
  • Added 8-16 Blackstone trade to bartering with a weight of 8.


  • Golden Axes, Iron Axes, Diamond Axes, and Netherite Axes all cause Endermen to drop Diamonds.
  • Netherite Armor gives you Fire Resistance if your health is at or below a threshold of 2 hearts + an extra 2 hearts per piece of Netherite Armor. A full suit of armor will give you Fire Resistance at full health.
  • Water Buckets can be crafted from a Bucket and three Tears.
  • Totems of Undying can be crafted from 8 Gold Ingots and a Nether Star.
  • Saddles can be crafted from 5 Leather and 2 Iron Ingots.
  • Gunpowder can be transmuted in a Magic Chamber from Redstone.
  • Added Pitchfork. Works identically to Tridents. Allows Endermen to drop Diamonds.
  • Pitchforks can be crafted from a Stick, a Netherite Ingot, and three Blaze Rods.
  • Brimstone enchantment for Pitchforks. Creates an explosion and summons a Silverfish when the Pitchfork is thrown directly into fire.
  • Hightail enchantment for Pitchforks. Running while holding the Pitchfork gives you Speed, then also Jump Boost at level II, then also Slow Falling at level III.
  • Guillotine enchantment for Pitchforks. Adds +3% chance for Skeletons or Wither Skeletons to drop a skull, up to level V (15%).
  • Igneous Raft enchantment for boots. Automatically places Magma Blocks into or over lava from your hand. Igneous Raft II provides a 50% chance to not take a Magma Block from your inventory when replacing lava directly.
  • Added Cockatrice Legs that refill 6 hunger and Spicy Cockatrice Legs that refill 2 hunger and grants Fire Resistance for 15 seconds.
  • Spicy Cockatrice Leg can be crafted from a Cockatrice Leg and Blaze Powder.
  • Added vanilla Compass crafting recipe.
  • Added Music Discs for Avril 14th by Aphex Twin and The Blue Wrath by I Monster. These are not yet obtainable outside of Creative mode.

  • Lodestone recipe added using 8 Chiseled Basalt Bricks and a Netherite Ingot.
  • Lodestone has been retextured to resemble Basalt.
  • Added Soul Fire Pit, a decorative block that Soul Fire can be lit on. Crafted with 3 Basalt Bricks and either 1 Soul Soil or 1 Soul Sand.
  • Permafrost can be transmuted from a Water Bucket and can be used to turn flowing Lava into Basalt.
  • Added Paper Block, a decorative block that can be crafted from 4 Paper Combs.

  • Wild Cockatrices now replace 1/50 Zombified Piglin spawns.
  • Cockatrices now have 100 max health.
  • Cockatrices drop feathers and cockatrice legs.
  • Wild Cockatrices shoot fire when a player approaches them.
  • To tame a cockatrice, it must be brought to 20 health or lower.
  • Cockatrices can be bred with Salted Eyes of Ender.
  • Added "Postmortal" advancement.
  • Added "A Throwaway Joke" advancement.
  • Added "Hocus Pocus" advancement.
  • Players no longer spawn with Slow Falling.
  • The bedrock spawning platform no longer generates.
  • Removed old Crafting Table recipes for Netherite upgrades.
  • Removed Basalt crafting recipe.
  • Removed Stone Tool and Furnace recipes that use Basalt instead of Cobblestone.
  • Removed Gunpowder trade from bartering.
  • Added missing burnt-out Redstone Torch texture.
  • Added missing Polished Basalt recipes.
  • Removed unused Golden Carrot recipe.
  • Subtitle "Magic Chamber smokes" changed to "Magic Chamber transmutes".
Known Bugs
  • Ender Chests create Obsidian particles when mined.
  • Cockatrice texture loses its wing when carpets are equipped.
  • Custom text from language files only works in the US English language.
Planned Additions or Changes
  • Better Cockatrice sounds/textures.
  • New Silverfish texture and behavior.
  • A new way to obtain Music Discs.
Leave a comment, join my Discord Server, or message me on Discord at thisisnotaustin#00005 if you have any suggestions and I may update this pack in the future!
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Latest reviews

This pack is hard to get started with as there is no wiki or tutorials that iv'e found, but it is very satisfying to figure out how to progress. I suggest skimming the features to at least give yourself some goal, like find structures in the Soul Sand Valley biome. There is also some nice features missing, like being able to move your spawnpoint to a base you made, though I expect these problems to be later fixed somehow. Other than that the amount of new blocks, new recipes, and new mobs all make force me to relearn the ways of playing Minecraft, something which I haven't done in years. Now granted mods / modpacks can give you the same experience and better, though I find datapacks very easy to install and play quickly, unlike mods. I highly suggest anyone to play this datapack, though be warned, it is pretty damn difficult.
Note: There is in fact a wiki, and in version 3.2 you can use vanilla Respawn Anchors to move your spawnpoint (this review was written in 3.1 when Respawn Anchors weren't available).