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Mythic Mobs v1.0

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1.13.x, 1.14 snapshots
Re-uploading this datapack on other sites without my express permission, or claiming ownership of it, is bad, illegal, and wrong. if you see this message somewhere other than Hashs's Planet Minecraft profile or The Data Pack Center, do not download this pack and instead download it from its rightful owner and creator here: Hashs's PMC Profile, or The Data Pack Center. Thank you.

This datapack adds rare, harder variants of many common or uncommon mobs. Mobs that can become mythic mobs include all humanoids, Illagers, blazes, spiders, endermen, ghasts, and phantoms.

Mythic mobs gain increased health and strength as well as the ability to pick up dropped items. Slay them, and you will gain immense loot, from enchanted gear to diamonds to XP bottles.

Mythic mobs come in three rarities:
- Rare. The most common form of mythic mobs. Gives off smoke particles and has 20 hearts and Strength I.
- Epic. A step up from Rares, they give off lava particles and have 50 hearts and Strength II. A thunder sound plays when one spawns.
- Mythic. The hardest and rarest of them all. Glows, gives off enchanted particles, has 100 hearts, Strength III, and Speed I. An announcement and accompanying sound plays when one spawns. Be on the lookout for these, as they provide huge loot. I tell you, you do not want to encounter a Mythic Vindicator...

Inspired by the mod Infernal Mobs. This is, however, a separate thing entirely.
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