Multihomes 2

Multihomes 2 v1.4

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Minecraft Version(s)
1.13.x, 1.14.x
Multihomes is a datapack that allows you to "/sethome" and "/home" in vanilla

Set a home using /trigger sethome set [Home ID]
Teleport to a home you set using /trigger home set [Home ID]
Delete a home you set using /trigger delhome set [Home ID]
List your homes using /trigger listhomes

Admin only:
When a player has the tag "mh2.admin", they are considered admins and have access a player's home using these commands:
Select the player you want to control the homes of using /trigger mh2fakeid set [Player ID]
Choose the fake home limit using /trigger mh2fakelimit set [Limit]
Set the player's home using /trigger mh2fakesethome set [Home ID]
Teleport to the player's home using /trigger mh2fakehome set [Home ID]
Delete the player's home using /trigger mh2fakedelhome set [Home ID]
List the player's homes using /trigger mh2fakelisthomes

Configuration file: "Multihomes 2\data\multihomes2\functions\config"

Version 1.1: Added automatic upgrade from multihomes 1 to Multihomes 2
Version 1.2: Added teleportation delay setting
Version 1.3: You can now teleport to a home set in unloaded chunks in 1.14
Version 1.4: Fixed bug with teleportation delay that would overload a server due to an error
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Just dropped this into a world and tested it for a good hour on my survival world, it seems pretty stable and works like a charm.