More Machinery & Features

More Machinery & Features 1.3.1

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Updated to be compatible with 1.17.
  • Added, the "Block of Raw Ore" can be cooked to give directly their corresponding blocks.
  • General optimization.
  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Updated terms of use.
  • Added dimension: Endless dungeon.
  • Added Digital Quarry.
  • Added Quarry with Fortune III enchantment.
  • Added the Fluid Tank.
  • Added the Redstone Transmitter.
  • Added the Experience Bush.
  • Added the Explosive Torpedo.
  • Added Magic Mirror and Escape Rope.
  • Added the Recipes book.
  • Added 50 new effects for the Trapped Barrel. (150 in total)
  • Added a new enchantment system: Ancient Scroll.
  • Added for the armor holder: you can show or hide its first name.
  • Added first names to the villagers. ( 1 000 )
  • Added Adult mode for the Mob Filter.
  • Added, tools can be colored.
  • Added, Item Frame can be made invisible.
  • Added the Empty Can and 5 new fishes available in the 'Sea World' dimension.
  • Modified the Submarine: added a container.
  • Modified the Submarine: it becomes unbreakable when a player is inside.
  • Modified the Submarine: added 16 variants with the 16 colors of Minecraft.
  • Modified the Automatic Factory Farm: the hoe shows the center and the teleportation area.
  • Modified the Automatic Tree Farm: you can see the information via the hoe.
  • Modified the Teleporter: it now works in all dimensions of the Data Pack.
  • Modified the Mob Catcher: becomes enchanted when it contains a creature.
  • Modified the Hunting dimension: added pyramids and abandoned villages.
  • Modified the Sea World dimension: added villages that appear in the Jungle Edge.
  • Modified the Sea World dimension: skeletons will no longer have a bow but can have a stone sword.
  • Modified the Void Storage.
  • Modified the Tamed Spider: the egg now hatches in 5 minutes.
  • Modified the Tamed Spider: the egg now has a 2% chance of being dropped and the enchantment 'Looting' gives a better chance. ( 2 + ( 1.5 x Looting_Level ) )
  • Tamed Spider modification: now takes 20 minutes to grow but must be fed every 5 minutes.
  • Modified the Tamed Spider: produces its web every 2 minutes and its venom every 5 minutes.
  • Modified the 'Burner' to 'Killer'.
  • Modified the Storage Drawers: the number of items is now displayed in the block interface.
  • Modified the Storage Drawers: you can now retrieve and replace it while it contains items.
  • Modified and upgraded the command:
  • ' /function more_machinery_and_features:giveall '
  • Modified the Floating Islands: added 'Ancient Scrolls' in the chests.
  • Modified the Floating Islands: changed the generation system.
  • Modified: when you put a Data Pack egg on a spawner, the spawner will be reset and the egg will be given back to you.
  • Trapped Chest changed to Trapped Barrel.
  • Modified the Recruiter, it is now faster than a zombie and its invocation now takes 6 seconds.
  • Modified the Aid, it now appears with 3 random monsters. ( zombie or skeleton or creeper )
  • Modified the Wandering Miner: it now appears in all caves and close to a player.
  • Removed the Trapped Chest Finder.
  • Removed the Quarry with the Smelting enchantment.
Adding new advancements.

Modification of the Automatic Factory Farm: it can now farm kelp.

Modification of the Submarine: the biofuel runs only 10 seconds. (before 60 seconds)

Fixed a bug: The Automatic Factory Farm without fences requires space for the fences.

Fixed a bug: The Automatic Factory Farm was first teleporting items and then reloading. This was causing problems when reloading.

Fixed a bug: The Automatic Factory Farm, messages were not displayed correctly.

Fixed a bug: The Storage Drawers would break if a block was placed on top of it.

Fixed a bug: The Storage Drawers was accepting all items even if they didn't match.

Fixed a minecraft bug: Vanilla dimensions were not reloading anymore.
Adding the Submarine

Adding upgrades for dogs

Adding dimension: Mining

Adding dimension: Hunting

Adding dimension: Sea World

Adding 50 new effects for the Trapped Chest (100 in total)

Fixed a bug: you can place Quarry, Automatic Factory Farm, Automatic Tree Farm in the dimension: Void Storage.
Adding the command: ‹ /function more_machinery_and_features:giveall › to give all the machines.

Modification of the Automatic Factory Farm: you can use any hoe to consult and change the settings.

Modification of the forge: it will be destroyed if you break the furnace.

Fixed a bug: when the Automatic Factory Farm was placed on farmland, the machine didn't appear.

Fixed a bug: the command ‹ /function more_machinery_and_features:uninstall › did not remove trapped chests.

Fixed a bug: the ‹ components › could be used as dropper in the Advanced Crafting Table.

Fixed for 1.16.2: Void Storage was no longer working.
Adding: the Trapped Chest

Adding: a message appearing when you die, indicating the place of your death.

Adding, the Automatic Factory Farm can now have crimson and warped fences.

Adding, when collecting a beehive or best nest, the number of honey is displayed

Adding Domestic Spider Egg and Trapped Chest to the recipe to get the eggs in creative.

Adding a lot of advancements.

Adding secrets.

Modification of the Automatic Tree Farm: it doesn't need to be reloaded anymore.

Modification of the Automatic Factory Farm: the bone meal must now be placed in a container in the centre and it can now store up to 80 bone meal.

Modification of the forge: the dragon ender egg forge has been removed and replaced by the netherite forge.

Modification of the forge: the beacon forge and the netherite forge have exchanged their powers.

Modification of the domestic spider: the egg now takes 10 minutes to hatch.

Modification of the domestic spider: it now produces its web every 3 minutes and if it can't place it, it will drop some string.

Modification of the domestic spider: its poison now gives Wither II for 20 seconds.

Modification of the Ender-bowman: it takes longer to teleport and can no longer appear in the End.

Fixed: the Quarry and the Automatic Factory Farm became black when they hit a block.

Fixed: the Mob Cather can now capture any creature except bosses.

Fixed: the Mob Cather gives back the leash if you capture an leashed creature.

Fixed: the advancement 'Remote Gateway' was given to the player if he was using a teleporter.

Fixed: it was possible to place a teleporter close to another machine.

Fixed: to add a base plate to an armor stand, it was necessary to throw a stone slab, and not a smooth stone slab.

Major optimization.