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Mineheim 1.1.9

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What is Mineheim?
A random dungeon generator similar to a rogue like dungeon style game, but using only commands and structure blocks.
Why don't I use/make a mod or plugin for it?
Cause that's too easy. Simple as that. I saw the challenge and decided to take it.
Aren't there other dungeon generators out there already?
I think so, but from the ones I've seen, they are all broken now, designed to be single player, or only a dungeon generator. I want to make mine easy to keep up to date if possible, multiplayer, and have bosses magic and more.

What I have:
  • About 1/3 of the entire magic system working and 2/3 of it all planned out
  • Mana system for the magic, hopefully balanced right
  • Dungeon generation system
  • Wand crafting system with consumable
  • One dungeon theme made
  • Leveling system that, as of currently, is done by killing mobs
  • Ability scores that you can spec into and get benefits from
  • An in-game guide book that is at least partially complete
  • Pack update system that should make it possible for one to just toss in the new pack, reload the world, and have to do nothing else
What I have planned:
  • Allowing the dungeon portals, or "altars" as I call them, to spawn underground
  • Different bosses with special abilities
  • Theme specific bosses and keys
  • Specified loot tables for each theme and boss
  • An economy system
  • Three different formats for the dungeon, open world, starting island, and infinite
  • Balancing, hopefully with vanilla sword and bow
  • A bunch of random books, some going in depth for different aspects, other just random gibberish to be collected

With each update, I will put an Info.txt that goes really in depth as to what a player can and cannot do with that version. I will also try to explain what is known to be broken, and what are the temporary workarounds, if any, in that version.

Where I got the idea from
A few years ago, I watched an anime called sword art online, and I've been playing mc for a while at that point. After I finished Sao, my friend and I started playing a new minigame server, Nirvana MC. They had a minigame that was still in beta called Dungeon Crawl, and I loved it. After a few weeks or months, idk, I got into that state of not wanting to play mc, and when I came back, the minigame was no more. I decided to try making my own version of that idea using commands cause at the time I knew no computer language. I just never really got around to it until now.
Why Mineheim?
As my friend and I were playing Dungeon Crawl, I commented on how it was similar to Sao, and he replied that it was more like the second game in the anime, alfheim, due to having magic. So I coined the term Mineheim, and it suck in my head.

I am open to all critiques anyone might have, and I will answer all questions if possible. I am also open to the idea of anyone helping in any way.
Keyon Ashton
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  1. 1.1.9

    I spent most of this version working on fixing the dungeon altar spawning, but did other bug...