Sponsored Mechanization 4.0.3

Bumped to DU version 2.0.1c- Potential fix for too much ore generation
  • Fixed redstone control issues for auto farm and auto fisher (A redstone signal now turns them off)
  • Fixed auto fisher not counting bubble columns as water
  • Some small adjustments to ore generation
Fixed error message indicating Datapack Utils is not installed.
The Major Polishing Update aka the 1.14 update is finally here with tons of new QOL features.

Base Module:
  • Added 2 new upgrades: Ender and Nether, both of which require a machine upgrade already installed to add. The machine upgrade is now cheaper (accessible at Tier 2 instead of Tier 3).
  • Batteries now transfer any power amount instead of fixed sizes. Can also transfer between any number of generators and machines (up to its max power limit).
  • Batteries can now be upgraded like other machines
  • Added a creative battery, accessible through function give: commands.
  • New, cleaner block placing method.
  • Added dust, nugget, and block variants to all resources.
  • Added a small chance for emerald ore to generate in all biomes
  • All text is now translatable, including lore and the manual. Unfortunately, do to the extensive rework, previous translations are very outdated and have been removed.
Age of Machines:
  • Most machines can now be deactivated with a redstone current.
  • Grinder is now a tier 1 machine, but requires a Machine Upgrade to activate x2 production.
  • Alloy Furnace requires a Machine Upgrade to produce Tier 3 alloys.
  • Quarry now mines an area defined by a fence boundary, up to 32x32. It also collects mined blocks instead of destroying stone and leaving ores behind.
  • Most machines have new effects for the Ender and Nether upgrades.
Nuclear Ascension:
  • Reactors will now accept any fuel grade. GLHF.
  • Portable Batteries must now be in the hotbar (no more kinda in the inv weirdness). They also display energy levels in their lore.
  • Portable Batteries can be attached as an upgrade in the Tinker Table.
  • Complete rework of Tinker Table. Now accepts up to 5 upgrades, and upgrades can be removed from an item.
  • Added Item Transmitter, Item Receiver, and Item Filter. Together they allow transmitting items over any range and even across dimensions.
  • Auto Jukebox no longer requires a hopper, and accepts up to 27 discs.
  • Added an experimental feature that sounds kinda nice. We'll see.
  • Wow
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