Sponsored Mechanization 3.0.5

Updated Chinese Translations curtesy of MineCommanderCN
Added Glass Panes as valid items to the Dye Machine
Liquid Accumulator can now collect Mushroom Stew from Mooshrooms
Liquid Accumulator can now collect XP orbs on the ground
Fixed the Jetpack now working when installed in Modular Armor
Fixed some incorrect Arc Furnace recipes
Fixed Thermoelectric Generator tank input function
Fixed Drill not working through some non-solid blocks
Fixed Ender Hopper not working
Fixed Unlimited Storage Unit not working
Fixed Machines attempting to start an operation without having enough power, causing an infinite loop
Fixed Dimensional Generator causing a crash on spigot servers
Fixed Quarry uses x2 the intended power (if you are using the config, this requires an update)
Fixed Quantum Batteries not working
Fixed Lava casting into Obsidian being too cheap
Fixed Liquid Experience not being castable into rods, plates, and gears
Fixed Obsidian Rods having the Poison effects instead of the intended Fire Aspect
Fixed Fission Reactors not working
Fixed raw gold and copper blocks melting into liquid iron
Fixed Thermoelectric Generator bugging out when liquid is pumped into it from pipes
Fixed pipes not connecting to machines
Fixed a broken assembly module
Fixed Mob Grinder (will need to be broken and replaced)
Fixed Liquid Accumulator duping buckets
Fixed liquids sometimes getting duplicated at junctions
Fixed Tree Feller model getting left behind when broken
Performance optimizations
Fixed adding liquids to a tank via GUI deleting the item in the first slot (fixes shift clicking items into the Steam Generator getting deleted)
Fixed wrong Thermoelectric Generator recipe when pinned in the manual
Fixed ore advancements requiring ore blocks instead of raw ore
  • Added a warning message if Mech is loaded on a Realms.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tinker Table
  • Fixed Fission Reactor never exploding
  • Fixed Alloy Furnace never turning off
  • Fixed some errors in the manual
  • Added some global.ignore tags
  • Other fixes
The largest™ update ever to Mechanization has arrived! Featuring new progression, an expanded early game, a completely rework Gadgets module, and a bunch of cool new automation options!

Highlights include:
  • Entirely new manual, with better graphics, layouts, and usability
  • Reworked Energy Storage mechanics, including new Capacitors
  • Completely removed all use of 'stacked crafting' by adding new Rods, Plates, and Gears as crafting items
  • Added Liquid Support! Including Pipes, Tanks, and a bunch of new machines to interact with liquids.
  • Added Liquid Pipes: awesome looking blocks that automatically move liquids between machines
  • Added Vial: a special 'bucket' that can hold gasses, and can hold any amount of a liquid (can hold 0.1 buckets instead of exactly 1 bucket)
  • Added 3 tier of Liquid Tanks that can progressively higher amounts and more types of liquids
  • Added Arc Furnace, for melting resources into molten forms
  • Added Casting Basin, for converting molten resources back into ingots, blocks, gears, etc.
  • Added Liquid Accumulator for automatically collecting liquids from the world, cauldrons, and entities
  • Added Thermoelectric Generator: generates power by mixing hot and cold liquids
  • New Lightning Generator produces infinite power from lightning
  • New Electric Lamp that produces light at double the distance of glowstone
  • New (patent pending) Extreme Plasma Annihilator Cannon (EPAC) for obliterating your enemies- now with shotgun support
  • New Energy Saber, with is definitely not a copyrighted object
  • New Drill: a powerful multitool that can mine almost any block
  • New Pneumatic Tubing, for all your item relocation needs
Alloy Furnace Changes:
  • Ender Upgrade uses 10% less resources to produce Tier 2 alloys
  • Nether Upgrade uses 10% less resources to produce Tier 3 alloys
Auto Fisher Changes:
  • Now works in a 5x5 block of water with 5 water blocks missing by default without the Machine Upgrade
  • Machine Upgrade now enables treasure drops
Mob Grinder Changes:
  • Machine Upgrade now collects some XP and gives it to nearby players or stores it in an XP tank- left over XP is wasted
  • Ender Upgrade now enables player drops
Auto Farm Changes:
  • Nether Upgrade makes plants have double drops, but decreases range to 3x3
  • To cement Netherite as the best resource, regular Titanium Tools only get 4 upgrades while Titanium-Netherite tools get 5
  • Axes can use weapon upgrades
  • Smash upgrade works on many more blocks and now drops the mined blocks
  • Added Immersive Cooking support to the Auto Eater
  • Fixed Vampiric Upgrade not working
  • Fixed Slowfall drawing power while on the ground in some situations
  • Fixed Titanium-Netherite Tool upgrades not working
Energy can now be drawn from your offhand
Added Titanium Elytra
Fixed charging station data-backup system being broken
Updated to DU 2.2.1c
Fixed health & knockback resistance upgrade
Rebalanced plasma weapons against new damage system
Fixed several issues with item transmitters- they should be much more consistent now
Alloy furnace gives an error if a T3 recipe is used without a machine upgrade
Fixed a bug preventing teleporters from working
Updated to Minecraft 1.16.2
Updated to Datapack Utils 2.2.1
Completely new Tinker Table UI, should be much less confusing now
Significantly buffed bio generator to bring its power generation in line with the furnace generator
Marked all tags as not required to avoid tags erroring out
Bug Fixes
Updated to Minecraft 1.16
Updated to Datapack Utils v2.2.0a
Added the MSS (Mechanized Storage System):
* Added MSS Terminal- used to access stored items
* Added MSS Drive Bay- used to house storage drives
* Added MSS Storage Drive- an item that stores other items
Titanium Tools (not armor) can be upgraded to Netherite
Small change to teleporters that might make them more reliable
Moved all custom font to it's own namespace
Added Base Upgrade to the manual
New Chinese translations by MineCommander
And finally, the most important addition: added Pigstep to the Auto Jukebox