Sponsored Mechanization 2.3.2

Alloy Furnace Changes:
  • Ender Upgrade uses 10% less resources to produce Tier 2 alloys
  • Nether Upgrade uses 10% less resources to produce Tier 3 alloys
Auto Fisher Changes:
  • Now works in a 5x5 block of water with 5 water blocks missing by default without the Machine Upgrade
  • Machine Upgrade now enables treasure drops
Mob Grinder Changes:
  • Machine Upgrade now collects some XP and gives it to nearby players or stores it in an XP tank- left over XP is wasted
  • Ender Upgrade now enables player drops
Auto Farm Changes:
  • Nether Upgrade makes plants have double drops, but decreases range to 3x3
  • To cement Netherite as the best resource, regular Titanium Tools only get 4 upgrades while Titanium-Netherite tools get 5
  • Axes can use weapon upgrades
  • Smash upgrade works on many more blocks and now drops the mined blocks
  • Added Immersive Cooking support to the Auto Eater
  • Fixed Vampiric Upgrade not working
  • Fixed Slowfall drawing power while on the ground in some situations
  • Fixed Titanium-Netherite Tool upgrades not working
Energy can now be drawn from your offhand
Added Titanium Elytra
Fixed charging station data-backup system being broken
Updated to DU 2.2.1c
Fixed health & knockback resistance upgrade
Rebalanced plasma weapons against new damage system
Fixed several issues with item transmitters- they should be much more consistent now
Alloy furnace gives an error if a T3 recipe is used without a machine upgrade
Fixed a bug preventing teleporters from working
Updated to Minecraft 1.16.2
Updated to Datapack Utils 2.2.1
Completely new Tinker Table UI, should be much less confusing now
Significantly buffed bio generator to bring its power generation in line with the furnace generator
Marked all tags as not required to avoid tags erroring out
Bug Fixes
Updated to Minecraft 1.16
Updated to Datapack Utils v2.2.0a
Added the MSS (Mechanized Storage System):
* Added MSS Terminal- used to access stored items
* Added MSS Drive Bay- used to house storage drives
* Added MSS Storage Drive- an item that stores other items
Titanium Tools (not armor) can be upgraded to Netherite
Small change to teleporters that might make them more reliable
Moved all custom font to it's own namespace
Added Base Upgrade to the manual
New Chinese translations by MineCommander
And finally, the most important addition: added Pigstep to the Auto Jukebox
Yells at the user for using in 1.16
Minor cleanup and fixes
Updated to DU v2.1.3
Added more blocks the wrench can rotate
Added honey & honeycomb to compressor and decompresser
Equipment can now draw energy from armor in addition to the hotbar
Portable Batteries can now be added as an upgrade to armor
Decreased power cost of the flight upgrade
Decreased maintenance power on shield upgrade, but increased shield creation cost
Decreased default spawn rate of Copper and Tin- in my experience it was far too common
Slightly increased Titanium spawn rate
Fixed decompresser
Fixed quantum batteries
Fixed stone cutter
Fixed gray GUI textures
Fixed auto jukebox not working in new worlds
Fixed item transmitters not working in new worlds
Fixed battery ranges and buffer amounts
Fixed autosmelt on Mechanization ores
Fixed furnace generator consuming fuel when full on power
Fixed several recipes relating to armor/tools
Updated to Datapack Utils v2.1.2

Notice: after this update you may need to break & replace electric furnaces for them to smelt custom items

Added config options- somewhat limited at the moment but has a lot of potential
Added barrel as a block the wrench can rotate
Mechanical Manual is now given on join instead of after crafting a Machine Crafting Table
Placed machines are now set to your current grid ID instead of 0

Fixed the give Mechanical Manual function & advancement giving a shulker box instead
Fixed some naming conventions in the manual
Fixed batteries not making sound when receiving power
Fixed Decompresser deleting steel and crystal blocks
Fixed Mech machines being marked with DU's furnace entities
Fixed electric furnace not being marked as a du furnace
Fixed wrench deleting items from blocks it rotates
Fixed wrench deleting items from machines it breaks
Maybe fixed guns not dealing damage to players?
Updated to MC v1.15
Updated to Datapack Utils v2.1.0

Warning: Existing Unlimited Storage Units in the world will be deleted! Break them before updating.

Complete overhaul of the Unlimited Storage Unit- you can now interact with it directly
Unlimited Storage Units now keep their inventory when broken
Significantly improved interaction with the block breaker
Energy transfer sounds are now run as the battery instead of all machines receiving/transmitting power- should be much less annoying
Wrench & Multimeter use villagers again- slimes were causing trouble
Changed the naming scheme of resources to make translation easier. As a result, new resources won't stack
Fixed Flight Upgrade not working in caves
Fixed Temperature Observer not dropping anything
Fixed Reactor Observers not working