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RPG Progression Reborn!

From the creator of the second best RPG progression datapack on PMC comes a total rewrite and rework of the formula that mcEXP originated. Enjoy a more fun, usable, and optimized RPG progression pack complete with new systems to make an entirely new experience.

Level up your stats by doing common activities in Minecraft, like running around and attacking. Do these things to get better at them with accumulating permanent buffs. Reach level 20 and max out your stats, then slay bosses to go even further to level 30!

Use skill points accumulated by reaching progression milestones to buy skills, special permanent powers based around one of the stats. Use Berserk to gain strength for some time, Ancient Crusher to double your ancient debris, or Power Surge to reset all your other cooldowns in a pinch! Wield up to nine of the 19 mighty skills at once!

  • 6 stats to level up by doing common game activities: Attack for attacking, Defense for taking damage and blocking, Speed for running around, Intelligence for collecting XP, Mining for mining, and Archery for shooting arrows
  • 30 levels of progress for each stat providing steadily increasing buffs
  • Level cap starting at 20, and is increased by 5 for each vanilla boss you beat
  • 19 unique skills that allow diverse playstyles, each tied to one of the six stats
Not enough info for you? There is an in-game guidebook with all the info you could need.

Join my Discord for updates, help, and questions. I get back faster there than if you post here!

Re-uploading this datapack on other sites without my express permission, or claiming ownership of it, is bad, illegal, and wrong. If you see this message somewhere other than Hashs's Planet Minecraft profile, The Data Pack Center, or CurseForge, do not download this pack and instead download it from its rightful owner and creator either at CurseForge, The Data Pack Center, or here: Hashs's PMC Profile. Thank you.
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