MC Smithed

MC Smithed 0.1.4-2

Smithed has been released in Early Access! Currently, it has no data pack downloading functionality but that is coming very soon.
Smithed was an utter failure 2 years ago, so I am writing that wrong!

I've decided to go ahead and archive the old categories (excluding #discussion) because I want the project to have a fresh start. As such I thought I should make it clear what the final goal is for the project this time around. A couple things caused the project to fail and over step its bounds 1) My knowledge of programming was way to small the last time 2) Our scope was too large, trying to make all datapacks use the same standards for things like power, ores, etc is absurdly difficult for developers My goal this time is for Smithed to be a useful tool for both developers and normal users, making it easier than ever for developers to get their content distributed and while making the barrier of entry smaller for someone new to datapacks. As well, I hope Smithed will be able to serve as a better platform than PMC for large content packs as it will be much better organized with less bloat (OP Loot packs/"low effort" packs) [From the discord]

If you are a featured creator and are interested in the platform please contact me!