Lunar Events

Lunar Events 2021-07-25

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1.17, 1.17.1
Lunar Events is a data pack that adds custom events that can occur during the night! You can customize this data pack to your preference!

Blood Moon
Blood moons happen on every 7th night,it greatly enhances difficulty so beware...
You are unable to sleep during a blood moon
Almost all hostile mobs are buffed
Phantoms can spawn even if the player has not slept for three days
New types of mobs can spawn

Festival Night
Festival nights happen on every 7th night,but are quite rare...
During this night,crop growth rates grow 3 times as fast
Make sure you look up into the night skies during this night...It is a sight to behold!
Axolotls have a chance to spawn ON the surface
Random fireworks will go off,celebrating this night!
Glow squids have a chance to spawn,showing of their beautiful colour!

Planned features
Nether event
Full moon

(Comment your ideas!)

How to install
1)Download the data pack and extract the zip file
2)Drag "Lunar Events" folder outside of the extracted zip file
3)Place the folder into your Minecraft data pack folder
4)Type /reload in-game
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