Kit 2.0

More customizable, more kits, more...
Version 2.0, completely overhauled kits.
admin settings panel added.
Version 1.6:
Adding Logout reset on kit_cd scoreboard for MP purposes.
Added More Kits and Perms for said kits.
Redid A lot of code, it is now more performance friendly.
New Kits:
New Commands:
/trigger kitiron
/trigger kitdiamond
New Op Commands:
/scoreboard players set <player> bro 0 (Reset permissions for cooldown on "/trigger kit")
/scoreboard players set <player> bro 1 (Permissions for No cooldown on "/trigger kit")
/scoreboard players set <player> bro 2 (Permissions for "/trigger kitiron")
/scoreboard players set <player> bro 3 (Permissions for "/trigger kitdiamond")
*Note that setting the score to 2 or 3 will allow that player to bypass the cooldown on the base kit.
Version 1.3:
Fixed a bug that occurred when 2 players joined at the same time 1 of them would get the other players heads.
Version 1.2:
Code cleanup and bug fixes with the books.
Fixed the books and a give command
Fixed a small bug as well.
New Books, Added Kit Commands for heads and books.