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Minecraft: Java Edition - Data Pack​

Gives New Players a Kit of Items!
Adds a few kit commands!

Want a kit of items for new players who join your server? or for a single player playthru?
Toggle between 4 Login Kits or turn off the login kit, add permissions for trusted players to use special kits or avoid cooldowns.
Adds 5 Item Kits and 2 Extra Kits! Accessible by /trigger commands or first login, all toggleable in the settings panel.
Includes: Tools, Armor, Bow/Arrows, 3 Player Heads, a Welcome Book and a Command Book. (and a few hidden extras)

/trigger kit (cooldown = 1 in-game day)
/trigger kit add 2 (Iron) /trigger kit add 3 (Diamond) /trigger kit add 4 (Netherite) /trigger kit add 5 (Wood)
/trigger kitbooks
/trigger kitheads

/trigger kitwood (wooden tools)
/trigger kitiron (iron tools and armor)
/trigger kitdiamond (diamond tools and armor)
/trigger kitnether (netherite tools and armor)

/trigger kitmodbooks (even ops must be given permission for this)

OP Commands:
/function kit:settings (Admin panel, change login kit/ toggle commands, OP Bows, cooldowns)
/scoreboard players reset <player> NewbLogin (give player a fresh login status, instantly gives login kit)
/scoreboard players set <player> kit_cd_o 1 ('No Cooldown' Permission)
/scoreboard players set <player> bro 2 (Permissions for "/trigger kitiron")
/scoreboard players set <player> bro 3 (Permissions for "/trigger kitdiamond")
/scoreboard players set <player> bro 4 (Permissions for "/trigger kitnether")
/scoreboard players set <player> mod 6 (access to mod books, "/trigger kitmodbooks")
/function kit:uninstall (uninstalls the pack. this will reset everyone if you reinstall/reload afterward.)

(You can edit the Welcome Book in kit/functions/cmds/books.mcf - I recommend throwing thogether a simple welcome book)
Example and Editor

AKA: Vanilla Item Kit, FBS Kit, Vanilla Kit.

Ratings and Feedback Appreciated!
Thanks for checking this pack out! I just made it for my personal server to Induct new players. (now it is overgrown :) )
I hope it serves someone well!


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