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Immersive Cooking is an ambitious Minecraft datapack that aims to revamp the entire hunger system by with a creative free-form cooking system. It nerfs simple foods like baked potatoes and cooked porkchops, while providing new ways to mix ingredients to create even better food items. Bake, boil, fry, stack, mash, chop, mix, squeeze, and brew your way to the best meal you've ever tasted (in Minecraft).

* Complete overhaul of the hunger system, nerfing simple 1-item foods and giving a reason to cook large meals.
* Fully modular cooking system with minimal preset recipes. Want to make a hamburger? Fry the patty on a frying pan, bake some bread in the oven, and process milk into cheese in the liquid processor. Then slice the bread and cheese and stack them together - bread slice, fried beef patty, cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, bread slice - (or whatever else you want on it).
* Almost 100 new ingredients to cook with with interesting ways to obtain them. For example, 'wheat' now produces either wheat, barely, corn, or rice depending on the biome its growing in.
* In-world immersive interfaces with minimal guis.
* Pizza. Need I say more? (I mean you have to make it from scratch yourself, but that's half the fun :)

Compatibility Notice:
Immersive Cooking overrides a lot of loot tables, which can conflict with other datapacks. It is recommended to set Immersive Cooking to low priority, as worst-case some food items may become unobtainable, while other datapacks may have broken progression or other serious side effects.

Want to use Immersive Cooking with another of my datapacks? (Combat+, Mechanization). Check out the Combined Resourcepack for my projects:
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