ilmango's crafting tables [1.16+] v1.0-b1

ilmango's crafting tables [1.16+] v1.0-b1 1.0-b1

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this data pack took many years of work and over a dozen complete rewrites. i would be very grateful if you gave this pack a try! there is an optional resource pack linked in this post but below is what the textures look like with no resource pack.

features of this data pack (all optional):
• two modes: vanilla and modded
vanilla makes the crafting table act exactly like vanilla, no autocrafting, no nbt crafting
modded enables features such as autocrafting and nbt crafting
both modes can enabled/disabled under certain circumstances via the command function bct:config
• toggleable autocrafting with hopper, dropper and (albeit slightly buggy) hopper minecart support
• nbt support for autocrafting
• a Recipe Generator.exe file included in the zip that can generate recipes for the crafter based on the json files of a data pack (more information below)
• an optional resource pack that makes everything look a bit cleaner

coming features in 1.1:
• nbt support for the recipe generator

recipe generator
• an image of what the exe looks like:

File: This menu contains options to browse source from file, close the program and to delete all recipes
Source: The path to the source data pack
Generate: The button you use to start the generation of functions
Log: This outputs information about what is going on.
‣ after generation you may get many RecipeErrors, these are normal and mean that the recipe in question cannot be converted for some reason, usually this means that it is something like smelting where the recipe is not meant to be used by a crafting table.

• this data pack has several thousand files in it, it might take a while to download
• this also goes for reloads, for me it takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes per reload, but rest assured, you will know when the reload completes!
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