Heart Crystals

Heart Crystals v2.0

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Minecraft Version(s)
1.16, 1.17
Pack Requirements
  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
Resource Pack Dependency

v2.0 only works in the most recent snapshot of 1.17! If you want the older 1.16 version, click here.

This datapack adds Heart Crystal Ore, which can be found around y -35 in Deepslate.

In order to receive Heart Crystal Shards from them, you must use a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe.

Craft 6 Heart Crystal Shards into a Heart Crystal and consume it by right-clicking it to increase your Max Health by 1 Heart. (for a maximum of 30 Hearts)

Heart Crystal Ore can be broken with silk touch and fortune like any normal ore as well, though it still requires a Diamond/Netherite pickaxe.

(This datapack has compatibility with my Potion of Spelunking datapack which allows you to see ores through walls with a rare potion.)

Old 1.16 Version
This pack adds Heart Crystals which can add 1 Heart to your permanent Max Health.

Currently, they can only be found by defeating bosses:
- Elder Guardians
- Evokers
- Withers
- Ender Dragons

The Looting Enchantment increases the drop rate.


- Download the Datapack .zip file from this page, as well as the Resourcepack file.

- It is recommended to include the Datapack while creating a new world so that all chunks have the possibility of generating Heart Crystal Ore. However, you can drop the Datapack .zip file directly in your world's "Datapack" folder and load new chunks to find the ore.

- Drop the Resourcepack .zip (Has"RP" in the file name) in your Resourcepacks folder and then enable the Resourcepack.

- Type "/reload" in-game. (If you're unable to use /reload, press the Open to LAN button in the Menu screen and turn on cheats)

- You can now find Heart Crystals Ore in your world, and increase your max health!
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