Health Indications

Health Indications 1.4

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100% Complete
Minecraft Version(s)
1.14, 1.15, 1.16/1.16.2
Previously called HDGI (Healthbars, Damage Indications, and Gore!)

How to Install:
- Select the proper version through the download link. (1.14, 1.15, or 1.16)
- Drop the .zip file directly in your world's "datapack" folder. (In 1.16, you can access this with the Datapack button in the world's settings)
- Type /reload in-game, and the datapack will automatically install if you're unable to use /reload, press the Open to LAN button in the Menu screen and turn on Cheats.
- You can toggle features of the pack by running the command: /function healthindications_options

2020-06-23_20.48.12 copy.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 8.43.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 8.43.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 2.31.20 AM.png

- Healthbars show above mobs when they're damaged, temporarily
- The amount of damage you deal to a mob is indicated above them
- Depending on the mob, gore particles will show. Ex: Skeletons show bone particles, Wither Skeletons show withered bone particles, Zombies show blood particles, etc.
- As of v1.2, boss bars now show for Elder Guardians
- As of v1.3, players also now have healthbars. Sounds on button presses are also added to the menu screens
- As of v1.4, boss bars now also show for Evokers, Ravagers, and Piglin Brutes (As of v1.4, bossbars only work with 1.16.2)

- Names of mobs are not replaced or changed in any way by the Healthbars
- It will work with custom mobs added by mods/datapacks
- As of v1.2, every feature is toggleable

For Datapack Developers:
- You can make use of the API integrated in this pack to display your own custom gore particles for custom mobs your datapack adds or even change how you want them to work for vanilla mobs.
- Download this example datapack with instructions included in it to get started. Unzip the file and read the 'read_me.txt' file, as well as look at the comments of the files in the example directory.

Please notify me of any bugs you find! This was initially part of my RPG pack but thought it would work great on its own as well, and quickly isolated it within a couple of hours. There are bound to be bugs. Join my discord and list any bugs you find in the #bug-reporting channel. Thanks!
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