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  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
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A food datapack for minecraft 1.17+ that adds 8 new drinks with various effects and an alcohol mechanics
this datapack requires a resourcepack to work

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GGDK recipes

Technical informations​

  • Strong drinks (Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey): 250
  • Wine: 100
  • Beer: 60
  • Cider: 30
  • Soft drinks (Tea, Chocolate): 0
  • Strong drinks (Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey): Resistance II (2min) + Strength II (2min)
  • Wine: Instant Health II
  • Beer: Luck II (3min)
  • Cider: Absorption II (3min)
  • Soft drinks (Tea, Chocolate): Regeneration I (30s)
Adding new drinks is extremely easy, using the "" script present in the datapack files:
  1. First create the texture and model in the resourcepack (don't hesitate to copy one of the existing item models if you're not sure how to do it). How you structure the resourcepack is all up to you, but you should add your CMD overrides in assets/minecraft/models/item/potion.json
  2. Add the item to the lang files by adding a new line "ggdk.item.<item id>": "<item name>"
  3. Create the item's recipe in the datapack at data/ggdk/recipes/<item id>.json. This recipe should give a knowledge book as an output to work properly
  4. Then create a new entry in the file drinks.json located at the root of the datapack. Look how each item is implemented:
    • <item id> is the id of your item
    • alcohol_value is the number of seconds necessary to sober up after drinking an alcoholic drink. Keep in mind this value stacks !
    • custom_model_data is the CMD of this drink, which you created earlier (see step 1)
    • effects is a list of effects the drink will give when drank. The name, seconds and amplifier values are the same as the parameters of the /effect command
    "<item id>": {
        "alcohol_value": (int),
        "custom_model_data": (int),
        "effects": [
            {"name":"<effect id>","seconds":(int),"amplifier":(int)}
  5. Finally, run either by double-clicking the script or in command line by typing python This requires you to have python installed though, you can find an installer at Download Python
  6. If you followed these steps properly, your new drink should now be working ingame !
For more info about CustomModelData, check out this forum post.
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