Flying Raijin: Level 2

Flying Raijin: Level 2 11.10

Added the ability to recall your trident!
Fixed bugs and cleaned code.
Better Crafting Recipe, Updated for 1.17, performance enhancements.
Version 11.2:

Changed Teleport Order, if you throw multiple tridents you will now teleport to the newest ones you threw,
Newest thrown tridents are priority.
Added Enchant glint to trident and raijin item when crafted for effect.
Cleaned Code, More performance friendly now. also removed a lot of extra text to cut file sizes down.
(Teleport newest mechanic introduced)
Version 11.1.2:
Added Pack Advancement to show the pack/credit in Adv's menu.
Fixed a minor/serious(depending how busy your server is) bug with left over teleports,
player who right clicked their raijin but didnt teleport would occasionally teleport when other players used raijin.
Version 11.0:
Fixed Raijin Enchant typo - Justsu to Jutsu. Facepalm.
Version 10.9:
Fixed the scores when a player is given a trident by someone else.
Fixed a few really annoying bugs.
Bugs: When a player was gifted a trident it broke a few peoples scores. and some people wouldnt be able to teleport,
occasionally the player who was gifted the trident was effected by this. Now fixed.
I would recommend a full re-install using the function command to uninstall before updating.
I would hazard to say its working 99.9% correctly.
The only caveat is you must stand within 5 blocks of the trident when crafting a raijin now.
Make sure no one is nearby when crafting. Especially if they are closer to the ground trident than you.
10.8 Has just released!
as well as an accompanying Resource pack to turn the carrot on a stick into a unique item model.
Version 10.8:
Added Texture to the Carrot on a stick to make it more immersive.
Created Resource pack to go with the datapack "Raijin Textures".
(note that if you created your Raijin before this update you will have to recraft your carrot on a stick within the raijin recipe, in order for the textures to take effect I.E, throw one in the crafting mix or just make sure you dont have one in your inventory! and re-craft the raijin if you want the textures)
Version 10.2:
Added Name to Carrot on a stick and enchant display text.
Version 10.1:
Added Enchant Display Text to Distinguish Raijin Tridents.
Text: Haraishin No Jutsu
Version 10.0:
Fixed Crafting so that you can keep named and enchanted tridents and upgrade them to raijin tridents.
Fixed carrot on a stick being given when you already had one for raijin. (Unless its in your offhand for some reason)
Version 9.9:
Fixed Teleportation Order, you now teleport to the closest trident you threw.
Version 9.8:
Teleports to oldest trident you've thrown.
Fixed a small bug that caused the scores to count to quickly.
Added Uninstall function. /function mrp:uninstall
Version 9.7:
Fixed Bug where Offhand couldnt use raijin tp.
and because of that bug fix another smaller bug was patched as well, teleporting when switcing carrot back to main hand.
Version 9.6:
Added Crafting sound, Fixed Teleport sound.
Fixed a Bug where Players with the same Raijin ID Both Teleported when 1 used raijin.
(There is still a bug where if 1 of the players with that ID Throws their raijin,
the other player will tp to it if they use the Rajin Carrot Stick click.)
Version 9.6:
Added Crafting sound, Fixed Teleport sound.
Version: 9.4:
Updated Crafting, no longer need to right click a carrot on a stick. just throw the items together.
Functionality Updated, You get a special Carrot on a stick when you craft your raijin
which is the stick you should use to teleport. it can be renamed.
Bugs fixed in the process of updating which are technical and no one would notice them, but they are fixed.