Flying Raijin: Level 2

Flying Raijin: Level 2 11.13

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A Datapack that lets you and your players become Minato Namikaze from Naruto.
(turn Tridents into Teleportation Kunai)
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Install datapack in your world/datapacks folder.
1: Put an Eye of Ender and a NameTag in a crafting grid to create Chakra,
throw your trident on the ground and right click it with the Chakra.

The Trident will be endowed with Raijin.
You will recieve a Raijin and a Level 1 Item.

2: Throw the trident and Right click Raijin to teleport to the trident.
Extra: Right click Level 1 to summon your trident.

Spare Raijin Items Crafting: Put an Ender Pearl and Nametag in a crafting grid to craft a spare Raijin/ Level 1.
You Can Rename and Enchant your Raijin trident before or after its been Raijinified.

Hit the advancements key to see in game info and help!​

GitHub Repository:

I hope you enjoy!​

(There is also a Command Block Tutorial for MC 1.9-1.12.2 to create the same effect!)

Inspiration for the pack:

Datapack in Action:
Older pack in Action:

Thanks to MR.Programs for helping me put this together. <3

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Latest updates

  1. 1.18 Update!

    Tweaked some syntax and cleaned up code. Tested in Spigot and Bukkit and its seems to work.
  2. V11.10, Recall Added!

    Added the ability to recall your trident! Fixed bugs and cleaned code.
  3. 1.17 Release!

    Better Crafting Recipe, Updated for 1.17, performance enhancements. Enjoy!