Flying Raijin: Level 2

Flying Raijin: Level 2 10.7

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Infamous, MR.Programs
Minecraft Version(s)
1.14+/ 1.15+
A Datapack that lets you and your players become Minato Namikaze from Naruto.
(turn Tridents into Teleportation Kunai)
(Compatible with 1.14+ - 1.15+)
Ratings and Feedback Appreciated

Install datapack in your world/datapacks folder.
To craft a Raijin Trident, Get Any Trident, a Eye of Ender and a Name Tag, throw them all near each other
on the ground, and your trident will be transformed and you will get a special carrot on a stick.
To Use the Raijin, Throw the trident and Right click the carrot on a stick.

GitHub Repository:

I hope you enjoy!​

*Old Info from V7.2.1 -
Place an "Always Active" "Repeating" Command block in your spawn chunks,
put the command "function mrp:rtest" (To turn off the use log type "scoreboard players set * UseLogger 0" )
and the datapack is set.

Thanks to MR.Programs for helping me put this together. <3

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