Flying Raijin: Level 2

Flying Raijin: Level 2 11.25

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A Datapack that lets you and your players become Minato Namikaze from Naruto.
(turn Tridents into Teleportation Kunai)
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Install datapack in your world/datapacks folder.
1: Put an Eye of Ender and a NameTag in a crafting grid to create Chakra,
throw your trident on the ground and right click it with the Chakra.

The Trident will be endowed with Raijin.
You will recieve a Raijin and a Level 1 Item.

2: Throw the trident and Right click Raijin to teleport to the trident.
Extra: Right click Level 1 to summon your trident.

Spare Raijin Items Crafting: Put an Ender Pearl and Nametag in a crafting grid to craft a spare Raijin/ Level 1.
You Can Rename and Enchant your Raijin trident before or after its been Raijinified.

Hit the advancements key to see in game info and help!​

GitHub Repository:

I hope you enjoy!​

(There is also a Command Block Tutorial for MC 1.9-1.12.2 to create the same effect!)

Inspiration for the pack:

Datapack in Action:
Older pack in Action:

Thanks to MR.Programs for helping me put this together. <3

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Latest updates

  1. 11.25 - Recall Fixed - 1.19

    The trident recall has been fixed for multiplayer. now recalls in order for all players. updated...
  2. 1.18 Release 3

    Updated textures, removed some comments. Minor update.
  3. 1.18 Update!

    Added the ability to recall items with your trident! Crouch and recall to bring nearby items back!