FamousBros Faithful Venom x32

FamousBros Faithful Venom x32 1.17 Release 2

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Faithful Team, Infamous, Antvenom, Skitscape
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FamousBros Faithful Venom x32
Bring Back Old School Faithful Textures.
Old School Faithful Style Textures, Antvenoms Color Grading and alpha sounds, Skitscapes UI.

Please report any issues in the github issues section! I will make an effort to fix any errors.

Slightly expanded pack info:
(Pre 1.13 Faithful textures, Skitscape UI, a few alpha sounds, and a few textures for my datapacks)
(The added datapack textures will not affect main item/block textutres.)

Faithful team does not allow their pack to be redistributed freely,
I went and got permission from the team to create and share this pack with the public.
With the intent to share nostalgic textures/sounds with all.
I will take the pack down if the team requests it.

I made this resource pack for myself as a composite of the textures/UI and some custom textures for my datapacks.
I dislike the new minecraft art style (I know I'm not alone there... 1.13 and later).
And miss Antvenom's Faithful pack being updated more regularly.
I am glad I can share this with you <3 I hope you enjoy!

Credit: Faithful Team
They developed 99.9% of the textures in this file.
They do Beautiful Work and you should give them some love!

How to Install The Pack:
Check out the Beta-Testing Server!
Apply for the server here! http://tinyurl.com/FamousBrosApp

- Infamous
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