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Essentials V 1.0

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Depends on a dependency Data Pack
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[Requires Phi.Core and Phi.Inventory]

Essentially essentials!
Every player gets a 5-6 digit uuid to be targeted, this will be labeled as <ID>

To change a players permission level set their esv.plyPerms to the desired amount

Standard Commands (Perm Level 0+)

.esv.tpa - /trigger .esv.tpa set <ID> - Request to teleport to a player

.esv.tpahere - /trigger .esv.tpahere set <ID> - Request to teleport a player to you

.esv.list - /trigger .esv.list - Lists all online players and their IDs

.esv.sethome - /trigger .esv.sethome set <Home #> - Creates a new home location - Max homes increases with play time

.esv.home - /trigger .esv.home set <Home #> - Teleports you to a set home

.esv.delhome - /trigger .esv.delhome set <Home #> - Deletes a set home

.esv.warp - /trigger .esv.warp set <Warp ID> - Teleports you to a warp

.esv.warps - /trigger .esv.warps - Lists all warps

.esv.claim - /trigger .esv.claim - Claims the current chunk
(Max claims can be specified via changing MaxClaims

.esv.claim - /trigger .esv.unclaim - Unclaims the current chunk - /trigger set <ID> - Trusts specified user in the current chunk

.esv.trust_many - /trigger .esv.trust_many set <ID> - Trusts specified user in the current chunk and all adjacent ones (Like a fill bucket)

Cosmetic Commands (Perm Level 1+)

- /trigger .esv.hat - Puts the selected item on the players head

Low-Level Admin Commands (Perm Level 4+)

- /trigger .esv.add_warp set <Warp ID> - Creates a new warp at the current player location

.esv.name_warp - /trigger .esv.name_warp set <Warp ID> - Sets the name of the targeted warp to the name of the currently selected item

.esv.del_warp - /trigger .esv.del_warp set <Warp ID> - Deletes the targeted warp

High-Level Admin Commands (Perm Level 6+)

- /trigger .esv.view_inv set <ID> - Views the selected players inventory - Disclaimers:
If the player dumps their items when this command is done it will dupe them,
If you get the ID wrong, do not run the command again whilst on the ground
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