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This datapack adds some new content to the End via expanding the underground of the End highlands, midlands, and barrens. Ender iron ore can be found commonly in veins at all heights, dropping iron nuggets when mined, but no experience. Caves generate, although they are slightly different from their Overworld counterparts; they generate more as "air veins," if you will, allowing for some interesting shapes and configurations. They rarely ever generate exposed to the top surface of the islands.

Within the caves, endermites will spawn, rather than Endermen. Occasionally, an endermite spawner will generate instead of an endermite. This means spawners are now renewable, which may come in handy if you're using another datapack that makes spawn eggs obtainable (hint hint). Keep in mind Endermen are still hostile toward endermites.

Additionally, the player can now right-click on a Dragon Egg using an Ender pearl to teleport back to the main island. The egg will not be teleported back with you. With this, the Ender dragon now generates a new egg every time she is killed, so dragon eggs are renewable as well. When exploring the outer End, I highly recommend you take an egg.

New content is planned for the future, including ways to make the End more habitable for long journeys-- but not necessarily for permanent settlement-- and a method of locating End city dungeons.

I recommend using this in conjunction with my Better Phantoms pack for a thoroughly enjoyable endgame experience.
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