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Enderchest+ v1.4

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This datapack adds an expansion system to enderchests. What does that mean? Let the gif speak for itself!

  • An upgradable ender chest requiring materials and becomes increasingly expensive for balance.
  • A paging system to navigate through your items inside your enderchest.
  • A EnderChest+ manual which describes the features as an in-game feature
  • A neat way to pack/unpack a shulker box full of items easily for travel
  • Multiplayer-Compatible (including servers)
  • Barely any lag whatsoever
  • Also, easily compatible with other datapacks unless they touch the enderchest.

First, you must make sure you have the dependency, PlayerDB, installed. This is a requirement. You can get the latest release of PlayerDB here! Then, if you just plop both of these datapacks into your datapacks folder, you should be set!

To start, craft a normal enderchest and place it down. You'll notice upon opening, a cool guide book will appear in your chest. You'll also notice some strange items on the right-side. These are your GUI items. Clicking on these will allow you to navigate around but you won't have anywhere to navigate yet. The middle item is your upgrade item slot. Hovering over this item will showcase which items you need before you can unlock your next page. Place these items on top of the GUI item. Once you fulfill all of the requirements, you'll be rewarded with a new page of item storage!

As you upgrade the enderchest more, you'll notice an increase in cost. Later on, you'll notice some weird items you may not have seen before. This includes dragon's soul and elder essence. These are new boss drops which drop from their respective bosses which may be required to upgrade the ender chest further!
You can run the following function if you want to reroll the items you need for upgrade.
Note, if you add this to an existing world, your items will not disappear or anything! They'll just plop into your inventory the next time you open your enderchest. You can just place them back in the enderchest, and all will be well!


Not quite. This datapack requires a library I recently wrote called PlayerDB. PlayerDB allows for arbitrary nbt storage per player without incurring a large amount of lag. It's a bit complex, but if you are interested, check out the Github page for that project here!

If you are interested in changing the items required for upgrading, I have designed the system to be completely automatic and dynamic. All you have to do is customize a loot table and the upgrade process will adapt! This includes custom items!

If you are a datapack savvy, you should check out the above loot table and you should be able to figure out how to tweak or customize the upgrade. (Note, make sure to backup this file just incase)

Thanks all! I'm very active on discord, so if you have any questions, hmu @ rx#1284. Let me know if there are any bugs, and I'll try to fix them!
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