Dinos & Dodos

Sponsored Dinos & Dodos v1.4.0

+ Added the allowBossDNA gamerule
~ Revamped the Paleontology system
~ Retextured the Paleontologist Armor
~ Reworked Paleontologist trades
~ Renamed Needles to Syringes
~ Fixed a bug where Chisels would not lose durability when used in the offhand
~ Fixed a bug relating to the use of syringes on Clones and Bosses
~ There is now a Triceratops summon command
  • Removed the Global Advancement Menu
  • Removed Brushes oxidizing
  • Added Triceratops
  • Added Chicken Extract
  • Added the ability to turn player DNA into player heads in the Cultivator
  • Added a new custom gamerule called allowBossDNA
  • Added German translations (Thanks Gik)
- Removed Amber and Petrified Blocks
~ Fixed various languages
~ Retextured a considerable number of assets
~ New Flora and Fauna in the game now work properly with DnD items and machinery
~ Fixed bug related to extracting DNA with needles
~ Fixed bug related to the Bucket of Compsognathus
~ Fixed bug where babies grew up too fast
~ Fixed bug relating to the prevent aggression team
~ Fixed bug relating to custom block drops
~ Fixed bug where Chisels wouldn't properly work on petrified logs
~ Fixed bug where using Chisels to chisel blocks would reduce durability in creative
~ Fixed bug relating to custom block particles
+ Updated Finnish Translations
~ Optimized the code for feeding babies
~ Fixed the inability to feed Gigantopithecus babies to grow faster
~ Fixed the Paleontologist Shirt loot table not existing
~ Fixed the Dodo Meat loot table not existing
~ Fixed the Coral identifier not duplicating items in the Cultivator like Plants and Fungi
~ Fixed the Fossil Preservation functions not being properly called to
~ Cloned mobs do not have loot tables anymore
- Removed apples from the Extractor recipe as they drop from both oak and dark oak leaves
  • Added Finnish translations
  • Added durability to chisels
  • Added some extra visuals to Paleontology
~ Rework to Brushes
~ Balanced Paleontology loot tables more
~ Fixed bugs relating to the, "One of a Kind," and "One in a Billion," advancements
~ Fixed a bug relating to the, "At First I Was Afraid," advancement
~ Fixed bugs relating to MC-229882 that broke things like the Paleontology loot table
~ Fixed a bug allowing you to impregnate babies
~ Fixed massive bug relating to spawning dinosaurs
~ Fixed a bug relating to picking up Compies in buckets
~ Fixed bugs relating to feeding custom baby mobs
  • Added the Gigantopithecus
  • Added Ankylosaurid Osteoderms
  • Added the Osteoderm Chestplate
  • Added Apex Teeth
  • Added the Tooth Club
  • Added Buckets of Compsognathus
  • Added various new advancements
~ When cloning Plants or Fungi the Cultivator now outputs 2
~ Changed the items babies are fed with
~ Updated the, "Collector," and, "Master Collector," advancements to include frozen meats
~ Fixed egg blocks displaying incorrect particles
~ Fixed the Dodo spawn command
~ Internal reworks and optimization
- Amber & Fossils can no longer be fished

  • The first prehistoric primate to be added. Gigantopithecus were the largest apes to have ever walked our planet!
    • Gigantopithecus can be fed bamboo and will sit down to eat it.
    • When tired Giganntopithecus will sit down to rest, like when they eat bamboo.
Ankylosaurid Osteoderms & the Osteoderm Chestplate
  • When growing up into adults Ankylosaurs will drop Ankylosaurid Osteoderms! These osteoderms can be used to craft the Osteoderm Chestplate in the Paleontology Table.
    • The chestplate is somewhere between the diamond and iron tier, sporting +5 Armor and +1 Armor Toughness.
    • It's made special by the fact it gives +3 Knockback Resistance, more than netherite armor gives.
    • The piece has 384 durability and supports all vanilla chestplate enchantments.
    • The chestplate is paired with a new advancement, "Prehistoric Protection"!
Dinosaur Teeth & the Tooth Club
  • When growing up large carnivorous dinosaurs will drop Apex Teeth! These teeth can be used to craft the Tooth Club in the Paleontology Table.
    • The Tooth Club is a hard-hitting heavy weapon. It sports 12 Attack Damage and 0.8 Attack Speed.
    • The weapon has 50 durability and supports all vanilla sword enchantments.
Baby Feeding Rework
  • Baby animals in the pack can no longer eat any item. Instead, different babies will require different food items.
    • Most carnivores consume Raw Beef or Pork while the herbivores primarily feed off Ferns.
Compy Buckets
  • Right-click Compsognathus with buckets to pick them up! Right-click with the bucket again to put them back down!
Changelog for v1.1.0

~ The Pack now uses proper versioning, instead of the random bull I was using before.
~ Updated "pack_format" to 8.
~ Some technical changes to make stuff work in 1.18.
Changelog for v1.0.5.1

+ Added the allowCloningClones config option.
~ Organized the Config File better.
~ Changed how modifying Genetics works.
~ Changed the item of some advancements to make more sense.
~ Changed how Brush durability works.
~ Balanced the Paleontology loot tables.

Genetic Modification Reworks
  • Whereas previously the stats from the mob in the bottom of the modifier were halved and added to the stats of the top mob a number between the two mobs is chosen for the new stats.
    • This means that by modifying a mob with another mob that has lower stats you can effectively lower the stats of a mob.

Brush Durability Rework
  • Brushes now have a chance of breaking every time they oxidize.
    • The number of blocks needed to oxidize a brush has been increased to 256.
    • Every level more they oxidize the chance of the brush breaking grows higher. (25% chance when becoming exposed, 50% chance when becoming weathered, 75% chance when oxidizing fully)
    • By waxing a brush it will not go up a level of oxidization and therefore will not break.
    • The higher a brush's oxidization level is the more treasure items you will get and the less fossils you will get.

~ Lots of optimization
~ Complete Paleontology Revamp
~ Updated the Genome Modifier & DNA Extractor
~ Lots of QOL Changes
+ Added a variety of sounds
+ Added the Ankylosaurus
+ Added the Pachycephalosaurus
+ Added the Dodo
+ Added the Paleontology Table
+ Added the Paleontologist Villager
+ Added the Brush
+ Added the Chisel
+ Added Genetic Schematics
+ Added Polished Amber and Amber Tiles
+ Added Petrified Wood, Petrified Planks, Chiseled Petrified Logs, and Chiseled Petrified Wood
+ Added the Fossil Stand
- Removed the DNA Combinator
- Removed the Analyzer
- Removed the Sifter
- Removed the Projector

Paleontology Revamp
  • Fossils are uncovered by mining sand with Brushes while Frozen Meat is uncovered by mining ice with Chisels.
  • There are now only 5 levels of accuracy, instead of the 10 they had prior.
    • Combining accuracy levels is now similar to Enchanted Books. Two Accuracy I's will add to a Accuracy II, but an Accuracy I combined with an Accuracy II would only create an Accuracy II.
    • Like before, for both fossils and frozen meats, the highest level of accuracy always have a custom texture corresponding to the animal of the fossil.
  • Using items with the Fossil Preservation attribute can increase your chance of extracting fossils and frozen meats with higher levels of accuracy.
  • Using more oxidized brushes can also increase the chance of fossils themselves dropping from sand when mined, however this also decreases the chance of treasure items dropping.

Paleontology Table
  • A new crafting station that works similarly to the crafting table. All Dinos & Dodos items are now crafted in this block.

  • The Paleontologist is a new villager profession that uses the Paleontology Table as their workstation block.
  • Paleontologists sell a variety of paleontological items, including fossils of varying accuracies.

  • The old DNA Extractor has been renamed to the Extractor.
    • Has practically the same functionality of the old Extractor.
    • Inserting structural material (fossil or frozen meat) of less than 5 accuracy and a paper will output a Genetic Note.
    • Inserting structural material (fossil or frozen meat) of 5 accuracy and a paper will output a Genetic Schematic.
    • Inserting genetic material (plants or needle) and a bottle will output DNA.

  • The old Genome Modifier has been renamed the Modifier.
    • Inserting two DNA will no longer modify the genome of the bottom DNA, instead it will modify the genome of the top DNA.
    • Inserting two of the same Genetic Notes will add them together like enchanted books in an anvil.
    • If two Accuracy IV Genetic Notes are added together, they will create a Genetic Schematic.
    • A Genetic Schematic (Bottom Slot) with a DNA (Top Slot) of the same identifier will create a DNA of the animal on the Genetic Schematic.

Fossil Stand
  • Surrounding a Fossil or Frozen Meat with sticks in a Paleontology Table crafts the Fossil Stand.
    • The Fossil stand is used to display fossils. Fossils of different Accuracies display different models on the stand.
    • Once placed simply hit the stand to pick it back up.
    • Stands do not obey the laws of gravity because they do not care what you think. Hang your fossils from the ceiling!

Find the Wiki on github!
FR 1.0.4 Changelog

+ Added the Compsognathus
+ Added the Analyzer
+ Added the Genome Modifier
+ Added the DNA Combinator
+ Added the Projector
+ Added Petrified Logs
+ Added Needles
+ Added Amber, Amber Blocks, and Budding Amber
+ Added new config options
~ Updated fossils
~ Updated dinosaur eggs
~ Updated baby dinosaurs
~ Updated functionality of the Sifter, DNA Extractor, DNA Combinator, and Cultivator
~ Updated the food needed to quicken the growth of baby dinosaurs.
~ Updated advancements
~ Updated lots of textures
- Removed the Paleontology Table

• Can be crafted and then used to extract the DNA of any mobs.
• Hitting a mob with a needle will extract its DNA, copying over any special NBT like names, attributes, and drop chances.

• Fossils now have varying accuracy that goes by multiples of 10, with 10 being the minimum and 100 being the maximum.
• Fossils with 100 accuracy have custom textures that correspond to their animal.
• Fossils can uncommonly be fished up.

• The Sifter now outputs lots of new items.
○ Among these new items are Petrified Logs and Amber.

• A new vital machine in the process of bringing back dinosaurs.
• Input a fossil and a piece of paper and it outputs a Genetic Note.
○ Genetic Notes function identically to paper and thus can be used as input in the Analyzer again.

DNA Extractor
• Used to extract DNA from any organic plant material or from any needle.
• Any and all organic plant material can be input into the DNA Extractor for the plant's DNA.
• Any needle with DNA inside of it can be input into the DNA Extractor for the needle's DNA.

Genome Modifier
• Used to modify the genomes of entities.
• Inputting a structural note alongside similar enough DNA and it will modify the DNA to match the structure on the note.
• Input two similar DNA and it will modify the genomes of the DNA on the bottom slot.
○ The genome of an entity is identical to its attributes.
○ The Genome Modifier halves the genome of the top DNA and adds it to the genome of the bottom DNA.

DNA Combinator
• Used to combine two pieces of DNA.
• Inputting two of the same DNA with different accuracy will add their accuracy together.
○ Accuracies must be below 100 in order for them to be added. If the two accuracies create an accuracy of more than 100 it will still output a DNA with 100 accuracy.
• Inputting two DNA with similar identifiers and 100 accuracy will create a hybrid.
○ No hybrids exist as of this update and thus inserting the DNA will output an incompatible hybrid.

• Used to cultivate DNA into embryos.
• Input DNA into the top slot and a bucket of nutritious milk for the egg or embryo of a mob.
○ Different mobs output different types of eggs and embryos.

• Used to create a holographic display of custom entities.
• Inputting the genetic material of a [custom] entity into the Projector will create a holographic display of the entity.
• Certain blocks placed below the projector affect it differently.
○ Placing concrete below the Projector will animate the Projection with a walking cycle.
○ Placing wool below the Projector will change the Projection to a baby model. (If the projection has a baby model.)
• Eggs can also be inserted into a projector, creating a projection of them. (This may be changed in a later update.)

Dinosaur Eggs
• Complete revamp to the way dinosaur eggs hatch.
○ Different dinosaur eggs hatch at different times of the day.
○ Hay Bales and 'Warm' Blocks can also be placed beneath eggs to speed up their hatching.
• Only one egg can be in a single block at any time now.
• Breaking an egg will not drop its item. (This may be changed in a later update.)

Baby Dinosaurs
• Different baby dinosaurs now eat different items to speed up their growth, not just honey.
• Some items poison babies when fed to them.

Petrified Log
• A new decorative block dropped through sifting and fishing.
• Will eventually be used to extract the structure of ancient trees.

• A new item dropped through sifting and fishing.
• Can be used to extract the structure of insects.

Amber Blocks
• A new decorative block dropped through fishing.
• When broken it drops a varying amount of Amber.
○ If broken with silk touch it drops itself.

Budding Amber
• A new block dropped very rarely through fishing.
• When broken it shatters, dropping a piece of Amber.
• Budding Amber may grow an Amber Block every so often on its top or bottom.

• doFossilAccuracy
○ Determines if fossils have accuracy or should always have 100 accuracy.
• doGeneticMods
○ Determines if the Genome Modifier can modify genomes.
• doHybridization
○ Determines if the DNA Combinator can create hybrids.