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WARNING: Using data packs on plugin servers is destined to have some issues. Vanilla tweaks data packs are known to break content packs, like Dinos & Dodos. The pack is currently in a highly developmental state, if you're having troubles join the discord here.

Dinos & Dodos is a data pack for 1.17 that focuses on adding extinct flora and fauna to the game that can be brought back to life through the use of genetic engineering! Inspired by the likes of the Fossils & Archaeology mod the pack focuses on staying true to the vanilla game. Functioning as a source of fun and education to the wildlife which used to roam our planet the pack is made to stay as accurate as possible. Features like riding dinosaurs are not planned and will not be added in the foreseeable future.

Don't know how to play the pack or how things work? You're in luck! While the pack doesn't have a wiki it does currently have a google document that details how to bring back the prehistoric beasts. You can find it here!

Currently, paleontology in the pack isn't that exciting and consists of sifting sand, red sand, and gravel in a new block called the sifter. However, with the recent reveal of archaeology at the most recent minecon live paleontology is planned to work as a parallel to archaeology, giving players the same creative freedom to tell stories with what they discover.
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