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WARNING: Using data packs on plugin servers like spigot is destined to have some issues. Some Vanilla tweaks data packs and misc. mods are known to break content packs, like Dinos & Dodos. Fabric mods and servers are recommended if you want to avoid the mentioned issues. If you're having any troubles with the pack join the discord here.

Dinos & Dodos is a data pack for 1.19 that focuses on adding extinct flora and fauna to the game that can be brought back to life through the use of genetic engineering! Inspired by the likes of many Dinosaur mods the pack focuses on adding historically accurate prehistoric animals that stay true to the vanilla game. Functioning as a source of fun and education Dinos & Dodos makes for a great addition for any dinosaur lovers!

Don't know how to play the pack or how things work? You're in luck! Check out the pack's wiki here!
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