Dinos & Dodos Resources

Sponsored Dinos & Dodos Resources v1.4.0

+ Added the allowBossDNA gamerule
~ Revamped the Paleontology system
~ Retextured the Paleontologist Armor
~ Reworked Paleontologist trades
~ Renamed Needles to Syringes
~ Fixed a bug where Chisels would not lose durability when used in the offhand
~ Fixed a bug relating to the use of syringes on Clones and Bosses
~ There is now a Triceratops summon command
  • Removed the Global Advancement Menu
  • Removed Brushes oxidizing
  • Added Triceratops
  • Added Chicken Extract
  • Added the ability to turn player DNA into player heads in the Cultivator
  • Added a new custom gamerule called allowBossDNA
  • Added German translations (Thanks Gik)
- Removed Amber and Petrified Blocks
~ Fixed various languages
~ Retextured a considerable number of assets
~ New Flora and Fauna in the game now work properly with DnD items and machinery
~ Fixed bug related to extracting DNA with needles
~ Fixed bug related to the Bucket of Compsognathus
~ Fixed bug where babies grew up too fast
~ Fixed bug relating to the prevent aggression team
~ Fixed bug relating to custom block drops
~ Fixed bug where Chisels wouldn't properly work on petrified logs
~ Fixed bug where using Chisels to chisel blocks would reduce durability in creative
~ Fixed bug relating to custom block particles
+ Updated Finnish Translations
~ Optimized the code for feeding babies
~ Fixed the inability to feed Gigantopithecus babies to grow faster
~ Fixed the Paleontologist Shirt loot table not existing
~ Fixed the Dodo Meat loot table not existing
~ Fixed the Coral identifier not duplicating items in the Cultivator like Plants and Fungi
~ Fixed the Fossil Preservation functions not being properly called to
~ Cloned mobs do not have loot tables anymore
- Removed apples from the Extractor recipe as they drop from both oak and dark oak leaves
  • Added Finnish translations
  • Added durability to chisels
  • Added some extra visuals to Paleontology
~ Rework to Brushes
~ Balanced Paleontology loot tables more
~ Fixed bugs relating to the, "One of a Kind," and "One in a Billion," advancements
~ Fixed a bug relating to the, "At First I Was Afraid," advancement
~ Fixed bugs relating to MC-229882 that broke things like the Paleontology loot table
~ Fixed a bug allowing you to impregnate babies
~ Fixed massive bug relating to spawning dinosaurs
~ Fixed a bug relating to picking up Compies in buckets
~ Fixed bugs relating to feeding custom baby mobs
  • Added the Gigantopithecus
  • Added Ankylosaurid Osteoderms
  • Added the Osteoderm Chestplate
  • Added Apex Teeth
  • Added the Tooth Club
  • Added Buckets of Compsognathus
  • Added various new advancements
~ When cloning Plants or Fungi the Cultivator now outputs 2
~ Changed the items babies are fed with
~ Updated the, "Collector," and, "Master Collector," advancements to include frozen meats
~ Fixed egg blocks displaying incorrect particles
~ Fixed the Dodo spawn command
~ Internal reworks and optimization
- Amber & Fossils can no longer be fished

  • The first prehistoric primate to be added. Gigantopithecus were the largest apes to have ever walked our planet!
    • Gigantopithecus can be fed bamboo and will sit down to eat it.
    • When tired Giganntopithecus will sit down to rest, like when they eat bamboo.
Ankylosaurid Osteoderms & the Osteoderm Chestplate
  • When growing up into adults Ankylosaurs will drop Ankylosaurid Osteoderms! These osteoderms can be used to craft the Osteoderm Chestplate in the Paleontology Table.
    • The chestplate is somewhere between the diamond and iron tier, sporting +5 Armor and +1 Armor Toughness.
    • It's made special by the fact it gives +3 Knockback Resistance, more than netherite armor gives.
    • The piece has 384 durability and supports all vanilla chestplate enchantments.
    • The chestplate is paired with a new advancement, "Prehistoric Protection"!
Dinosaur Teeth & the Tooth Club
  • When growing up large carnivorous dinosaurs will drop Apex Teeth! These teeth can be used to craft the Tooth Club in the Paleontology Table.
    • The Tooth Club is a hard-hitting heavy weapon. It sports 12 Attack Damage and 0.8 Attack Speed.
    • The weapon has 50 durability and supports all vanilla sword enchantments.
Baby Feeding Rework
  • Baby animals in the pack can no longer eat any item. Instead, different babies will require different food items.
    • Most carnivores consume Raw Beef or Pork while the herbivores primarily feed off Ferns.
Compy Buckets
  • Right-click Compsognathus with buckets to pick them up! Right-click with the bucket again to put them back down!
Changelog for v1.1.0

~ The Pack now uses proper versioning, instead of the random bull I was using before.
~ Updated "pack_format" to 8.
~ Some technical changes to make stuff work in 1.18.
Changelog for v1.0.5.1

+ Added the allowCloningClones config option.
~ Organized the Config File better.
~ Changed how modifying Genetics works.
~ Changed the item of some advancements to make more sense.
~ Changed how Brush durability works.
~ Balanced the Paleontology loot tables.

Genetic Modification Reworks
  • Whereas previously the stats from the mob in the bottom of the modifier were halved and added to the stats of the top mob a number between the two mobs is chosen for the new stats.
    • This means that by modifying a mob with another mob that has lower stats you can effectively lower the stats of a mob.

Brush Durability Rework
  • Brushes now have a chance of breaking every time they oxidize.
    • The number of blocks needed to oxidize a brush has been increased to 256.
    • Every level more they oxidize the chance of the brush breaking grows higher. (25% chance when becoming exposed, 50% chance when becoming weathered, 75% chance when oxidizing fully)
    • By waxing a brush it will not go up a level of oxidization and therefore will not break.
    • The higher a brush's oxidization level is the more treasure items you will get and the less fossils you will get.

~ Lots of optimization
~ Complete Paleontology Revamp
~ Updated the Genome Modifier & DNA Extractor
~ Lots of QOL Changes
+ Added a variety of sounds
+ Added the Ankylosaurus
+ Added the Pachycephalosaurus
+ Added the Dodo
+ Added the Paleontology Table
+ Added the Paleontologist Villager
+ Added the Brush
+ Added the Chisel
+ Added Genetic Schematics
+ Added Polished Amber and Amber Tiles
+ Added Petrified Wood, Petrified Planks, Chiseled Petrified Logs, and Chiseled Petrified Wood
+ Added the Fossil Stand
- Removed the DNA Combinator
- Removed the Analyzer
- Removed the Sifter
- Removed the Projector

Paleontology Revamp
  • Fossils are uncovered by mining sand with Brushes while Frozen Meat is uncovered by mining ice with Chisels.
  • There are now only 5 levels of accuracy, instead of the 10 they had prior.
    • Combining accuracy levels is now similar to Enchanted Books. Two Accuracy I's will add to a Accuracy II, but an Accuracy I combined with an Accuracy II would only create an Accuracy II.
    • Like before, for both fossils and frozen meats, the highest level of accuracy always have a custom texture corresponding to the animal of the fossil.
  • Using items with the Fossil Preservation attribute can increase your chance of extracting fossils and frozen meats with higher levels of accuracy.
  • Using more oxidized brushes can also increase the chance of fossils themselves dropping from sand when mined, however this also decreases the chance of treasure items dropping.

Paleontology Table
  • A new crafting station that works similarly to the crafting table. All Dinos & Dodos items are now crafted in this block.

  • The Paleontologist is a new villager profession that uses the Paleontology Table as their workstation block.
  • Paleontologists sell a variety of paleontological items, including fossils of varying accuracies.

  • The old DNA Extractor has been renamed to the Extractor.
    • Has practically the same functionality of the old Extractor.
    • Inserting structural material (fossil or frozen meat) of less than 5 accuracy and a paper will output a Genetic Note.
    • Inserting structural material (fossil or frozen meat) of 5 accuracy and a paper will output a Genetic Schematic.
    • Inserting genetic material (plants or needle) and a bottle will output DNA.

  • The old Genome Modifier has been renamed the Modifier.
    • Inserting two DNA will no longer modify the genome of the bottom DNA, instead it will modify the genome of the top DNA.
    • Inserting two of the same Genetic Notes will add them together like enchanted books in an anvil.
    • If two Accuracy IV Genetic Notes are added together, they will create a Genetic Schematic.
    • A Genetic Schematic (Bottom Slot) with a DNA (Top Slot) of the same identifier will create a DNA of the animal on the Genetic Schematic.

Fossil Stand
  • Surrounding a Fossil or Frozen Meat with sticks in a Paleontology Table crafts the Fossil Stand.
    • The Fossil stand is used to display fossils. Fossils of different Accuracies display different models on the stand.
    • Once placed simply hit the stand to pick it back up.
    • Stands do not obey the laws of gravity because they do not care what you think. Hang your fossils from the ceiling!

Find the Wiki on github!
Update of the Resourcepack to go alongside the datapack update.

FR 1.0.4

+ Added the Compsognathus
+ Added the Analyzer
+ Added the Genome Modifier
+ Added the DNA Combinator
+ Added the Projector
+ Added Petrified Logs
+ Added Needles
+ Added Amber, Amber Blocks, and Budding Amber
+ Added new config options
~ Updated fossils
~ Updated dinosaur eggs
~ Updated baby dinosaurs
~ Updated functionality of the Sifter, DNA Extractor, DNA Combinator, and Cultivator
~ Updated the food needed to quicken the growth of baby dinosaurs.
~ Updated advancements
~ Updated lots of textures
- Removed the Paleontology Table

• Can be crafted and then used to extract the DNA of any mobs.
• Hitting a mob with a needle will extract its DNA, copying over any special NBT like names, attributes, and drop chances.

• Fossils now have varying accuracy that goes by multiples of 10, with 10 being the minimum and 100 being the maximum.
• Fossils with 100 accuracy have custom textures that correspond to their animal.
• Fossils can uncommonly be fished up.

• The Sifter now outputs lots of new items.
○ Among these new items are Petrified Logs and Amber.

• A new vital machine in the process of bringing back dinosaurs.
• Input a fossil and a piece of paper and it outputs a Genetic Note.
○ Genetic Notes function identically to paper and thus can be used as input in the Analyzer again.

DNA Extractor
• Used to extract DNA from any organic plant material or from any needle.
• Any and all organic plant material can be input into the DNA Extractor for the plant's DNA.
• Any needle with DNA inside of it can be input into the DNA Extractor for the needle's DNA.

Genome Modifier
• Used to modify the genomes of entities.
• Inputting a structural note alongside similar enough DNA and it will modify the DNA to match the structure on the note.
• Input two similar DNA and it will modify the genomes of the DNA on the bottom slot.
○ The genome of an entity is identical to its attributes.
○ The Genome Modifier halves the genome of the top DNA and adds it to the genome of the bottom DNA.

DNA Combinator
• Used to combine two pieces of DNA.
• Inputting two of the same DNA with different accuracy will add their accuracy together.
○ Accuracies must be below 100 in order for them to be added. If the two accuracies create an accuracy of more than 100 it will still output a DNA with 100 accuracy.
• Inputting two DNA with similar identifiers and 100 accuracy will create a hybrid.
○ No hybrids exist as of this update and thus inserting the DNA will output an incompatible hybrid.

• Used to cultivate DNA into embryos.
• Input DNA into the top slot and a bucket of nutritious milk for the egg or embryo of a mob.
○ Different mobs output different types of eggs and embryos.

• Used to create a holographic display of custom entities.
• Inputting the genetic material of a [custom] entity into the Projector will create a holographic display of the entity.
• Certain blocks placed below the projector affect it differently.
○ Placing concrete below the Projector will animate the Projection with a walking cycle.
○ Placing wool below the Projector will change the Projection to a baby model. (If the projection has a baby model.)
• Eggs can also be inserted into a projector, creating a projection of them. (This may be changed in a later update.)

Dinosaur Eggs
• Complete revamp to the way dinosaur eggs hatch.
○ Different dinosaur eggs hatch at different times of the day.
○ Hay Bales and 'Warm' Blocks can also be placed beneath eggs to speed up their hatching.
• Only one egg can be in a single block at any time now.
• Breaking an egg will not drop its item. (This may be changed in a later update.)

Baby Dinosaurs
• Different baby dinosaurs now eat different items to speed up their growth, not just honey.
• Some items poison babies when fed to them.

Petrified Log
• A new decorative block dropped through sifting and fishing.
• Will eventually be used to extract the structure of ancient trees.

• A new item dropped through sifting and fishing.
• Can be used to extract the structure of insects.

Amber Blocks
• A new decorative block dropped through fishing.
• When broken it drops a varying amount of Amber.
○ If broken with silk touch it drops itself.

Budding Amber
• A new block dropped very rarely through fishing.
• When broken it shatters, dropping a piece of Amber.
• Budding Amber may grow an Amber Block every so often on its top or bottom.

• doFossilAccuracy
○ Determines if fossils have accuracy or should always have 100 accuracy.
• doGeneticMods
○ Determines if the Genome Modifier can modify genomes.
• doHybridization
○ Determines if the DNA Combinator can create hybrids.