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Minecraft: Limited Crafting Edition

This datapack modify drastically how you play minecraft, using a limited crafting rules.
Main recipes can be taught through basic advancements, but afterward you need to find every others one by exploring or killing monsters. You won't be able to have a full diamond enchanted gear at the end of day 1!

Various others modifications are here to lengthen the duration of the game:

  • No natural regeneration, you only regenerate by eating apple and potion, or being in village with no hunger
  • Mobs loots emerald,
  • Custom drops from stone, grass, crops, etc.. with the proper tool
  • Your dead body turn into a zombie after your death, protecting your loot against you,
  • Custom fish for each biomes through fishing, catch them all!
  • Custom trades, which vary with the type of villager, protect and expand villages.
  • Custom rng armor and weapons, you can always find a better weapon.
  • Your xp level grant a nice grade,
  • Stats check and store for horses,
  • Boss version of each hostiles, spawning randomly in the wild
  • Various custom set to find, giving powers
  • Starting map leading to the nearest village.

In this version, you will need to explore a lot, protect your village, never engage mobs without a proper trap, and be very carefull with your health.

How to install: Create a new world, then quit.
Unzip the file in the datapack folder of your save (for Windows, something like C:\Users\users\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\nameofyourworld\datapack).
Restart and it's done!

Version: 1.14

Basic tutorial
First day, make your wooden tools, and check for a village. As soon as possible, mine a bit, make a campfire. Use stick and flesh on it to make torch and rabbit hide. Mine until unlock stone pickaxe and furnace. Therefore, hunt some zombies, but avoid creeper and skeleton. You can also farm bugs while croping, and use emerald to trade. Afterward, you need to explore to advance: try to find treasures in the wild to improve your gear.
Once you get somes diamond through treasure or digging/cropping, you can try to explore a bit the nether.
Enderman don't loot ender pearl, you will need to trade with a villager (or explore all biomes) to earn a recipe for it.
You will need to kill the wither to learn the ender eye recipe, leading to the enderdragon.
Killing the enderdragon reward you with an enderchest recipe.
All others recipes can be found on chest, rarer loot in the nether or the end.


- Wither/EnderDragon boss fight
- Balance
- Integrate custom crafting (when possible)
- Add more structures to the world, especially underground (when possible)
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Latest updates

  1. 1.15 update

    Add Honeyblock and honeycomb_block knowledge book Make advancement clearer Add ingame book to...
  2. Endgame - Boss battle

    Some modifications that allow the summon of harder version of the wither and the enderdragon...
  3. Balance - Stall Village

    Main changes are here to enhance survivability of and in village, while making bosses less...

Latest reviews

Great for a new challenging game experience, however it was not too informative on how to actually begin and not die. Some sort of advancement tree that explains the new features would be very helpful.
This is a great hardcore datapack, it changes survival mode in a way that I hadn't really seen before. If you've been playing regular survival mode for a while and want a challenge, I definitely recommend trying out this datapack! It's quite a treat when you have a group of people. If you die, a zombie spawns with a good amount of health and damage creating a zombie infection chain reaction.
8/8, played this on multiplayer for like an hour didn't progress very far but man... This is such a great pack, a whole new experience!