Datapack Utils

Datapack Utils 2.2.2

New, much better MC version control system
Fixed get redstone power function
Fixed entity damage function
Disabled chunk scan in The End and in Custom Dimensions. Will revisit this feature later if the need for it arises.
Fixed issues with the ender dragon
Hopefully fixed respawning at half a heart when damaged by the custom damage system
Fixed custom damage killing creative/spectator mode players
Fixed an issue with custom crafting tables spewing out golden hoes
Fixed damage function working inconsistently on mobs
Fixed Netherite equipment not being listed in the custom durability system
And managed to sneak a few optimizations in there
Updated to Minecraft 1.16.2
Refactored player damage function to entity damage function
Entity damage now uses attributes instead of instant damage and is much more accurate
Marked all unimportant tags as not required to prevent issues with tags not loading
Minor fixes
Added soul campfires to NBT campfire recipe API
Fixed a small issue preventing custom ore generation
Compatibility with any 1.15 datapack that uses world gen is questionable (ie. Mechanization and Cave Biomes). Any other datapack should still work correctly.

Updated to Minecraft 1.16
- Updated chunk scan
- Updated block, item, and entity tags
- Updated predicates
- Updated attribute names

Rework of world generation (again)
- Added support for custom dimensions
- World type is now determined at run time rather than hardcoding each dimension. This means sky island type overworlds will now use sky island type generation (previously end style generation).
- Dimension and Biomes now use string ids
- Structures now have 3 placement schemes: surface, underground, and sky. These generate separately so you can add underground structures without removing structures on the surface.
- Registry arguments have changed to support these new features- existing datapacks are likely incompatible

Fixed a dupe glitch with the custom crafting table
Various other tweaks and fixes
Yells at the user for using in 1.16
Minor fixes and cleanup
Added Built-in pre-generator with special compatibility with chunk scan. To use, run the command /function du:world/pregen.
Added Forest biomes type predicate
Updated ChunkScan, fixes entities being spammed in the End
Fixed click detection for modes 3b and 5b
Added xor-shift pRNG: useful for generating a random number based on x/z position.
Added function du:world/random_seeded, based on the new xor-shift. Uses and LCG to generate random numbers seeded from the current location
Ore generation is now seeded
The structure generator will restrict placement if it detects a vanilla structure
Fixed some issues with ore gen
Fixed some issues with structure gen
Fixed item stutter in certain cases
Fixed Coal Block not being accepted as fuel in custom smelting recipes
Finalized 2.1 API
  • Changed variable names in base, crafting, and get powered functions
  • Cleaned up some code related to Lantern Load
Updated Chunk Scan
Click Detect should no longer push you around in Spigot environments (and its derivatives)
Fixed another bug in click detection
Fixed bamboo & scaffolding not being recognized as fuel